E is for Ebb & Flow

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The ABCs of Simple Scrapbooking is a 26 week video series. In each episode, I’ll explore one fundamental idea of stress-free memory keeping.

E is for Ebb & Flow

It is completely normal to follow a pattern of creative bursts followed by blocks. Our brains and bodies couldn’t keep up if we were always super excited about everything.

In this episode, I’d like to encourage you to recognize and use your own natural cycle of highs and lows to benefit your memory keeping. Using this idea as a tool can make certain parts of the process seem easier.

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I would love to hear your voice in this conversation. Leave a comment sharing how you have used (or can use) your own ebb & flow to be more productive in scrapbooking.

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  1. Alison Day

    Just watched your video and felt compelled to comment. I have definitely noticed an ebb and flow to my creativity, I just hadn’t identified it as such! There are times when I itch to organize and others when I want to create. This can be a problem if I have a deadline but the creative itch isn’t itchy!! One thing that can sometimes help me jump start things again is to organize my stash or clean up my desk. Handling my products and/or finding forgotten treasures in my stash can change my ebb to a flow in an instant!
    Thanks for your videos – they are super informative!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Thanks Alison! You raised a point I didn’t touch on in this video.. that activity can often send you over to the other side. This is one of the reasons I recommend mini books for someone lacking creative mojo – the logical process for creating one will often prompt more right-brained ideas for future pages and projects.

  2. Lois

    Wonderful series of videos, Jennifee!! I often find that my ;get up and go, just got up and went!! But organizing my supplies does usually trigger the creativity. Thanks for sharing so much with us.


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