A is for Agile

by | Nov 14, 2012 | Scrapbooking Ideas | 5 comments

The ABCs of Simple Scrapbooking is a 26 week video series. In each episode, I’ll explore one fundamental idea of stress-free memory keeping.

A is for Agile

I think the happiest scrapbookers are those who are able to quickly adapt to whatever life throws at them. (They’re probably the happiest all around too!) In this episode, I share three ideas for developing your own agility to find more simplicity in scrapbooking.

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Tell Your Story

I would love to hear your voice in this conversation. Do you adapt well or does change throw you for a loop?

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  1. Barbara

    I love all of your short videos except for the sound. The music is really loud but I can hardly hear your voice. Most of the time it goes in and out like you move away from the mic.
    Thanks for all the ideas.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Thanks for the input Barbara, I’ll see what I can do to improve that.

  2. Lauren Madsen

    You are so right about the idea of having a plan. I’ve never really thought about it that way, but it makes total sense. I hardly ever am able to work on a page from start to finish in one sitting! Thanks for this video :).

  3. Libby Wiers

    Good ideas. And special thanks for the monthly challenge reminder – I’m new enough that I still have to remember all these extra things that will push me to get more done.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      Thanks Libby! I’ve also added the challenge deadline to the calendar in the members area.


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