Thoughts on Simplifying Holiday Memory Keeping

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The holiday season brings the double challenge of more photos and less time. Fortunately an excitement to document and create also reaches a fever pitch this time of year. Still, even an endless supply of desire and mojo can’t put more hours in the day.

I wanted to share some of my own tips and thoughts on simplifying the season so that memory making and memory keeping are both possible! I’m doing all of these things myself to make sure I’m squeezing the most out of these shortest days of the year.

In Your Life

1. Pare back. Spend less, decorate less, worry less. Keep simple in the forefront of your mind so that every decision seems clearer.

2. Put the camera down. Don’t sacrifice special moments to grab another shot. Remember to be in the moment and in your pictures.

3. Prioritize scrapbooking. Too often we push our memory keeping to the side for a hypothetical later. Admit it’s important to you.

In Your Scrapbooking

1. Keep it fun. Choose the path that most excites you, so you’ll keep coming back to it.

2. Make choices. You probably can’t complete every project you would like to during December. Pick the ones that matter most.

3. Lean into it. Use kits, ask for help, rely on inspiration. You don’t have to go it alone this holiday season.

If you would like more tips like this, make sure to download “The Simple Guide to Holiday Memory Keeping” in our free members area.

In the comments below, please share one idea to simplify holiday memory keeping.

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  1. Christy S. aka emeraldvalkyrie

    Have a small dedicated craft space ready. Print a few photos that inspire you. Have a few supplies there. Even if you you only get 10 minutes a day to play in it, you can have a finished project by the end of the week.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      I totally agree that keeping things out and visible, even if only at this time of year, really helps for making things happen.


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