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Today’s post concludes our series of posts about our current sponsors. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know these women and their businesses. Our sponsors make possible the free content provided here on the blog.

Let’s meet Cheryl McCain of Cheryl McCain Photography….and Scrapbooking.

Cheryl has been involved in the digital scrapbooking community for a number of years and had a personal blog, as well, before deciding that she wanted to create her own business site. She participated in Jennifer Wilson’s Summer Biz Camp and her most recent Digi Biz Camp where she learned a great deal about starting an online business.

Torn between my love of photography and scrapbooking/designing, with Jennifer’s encouragement, she combined the two into Cheryl McCain Photography….and Scrapbooking. After all, they do go hand in hand, right?

Cheryl McCain Photography….and Scrapbooking offers workshops for photographers and scrapbookers, but the first thing Cheryl added to her site is the free workshop My Life….Before I Was Your Mother. The workshop has been offered in various forums throughout her years of designing in different venues. This free workshop is her passion project, simply because she feels so passionate about sharing and encouraging others to create this type of album. Cheryl truly feels that it will be the most meaningful album she’ll every complete.

In a nutshell, the workshop is all about telling one’s life story before becoming a mother. She wishes she’d had such an album from her own mother. It’s an amazing feeling getting the stories of her birth, childhood, teenage years, high school years, and any memories she can capture into an album that her children will inherit one day. Cheryl wants her grandchildren and future generations to know her, to know where they came from.

Cheryl holds this workshop, which consists of an introduction and four lessons (so far), in her site’s Community Forum. Cheryl welcomes anyone wishing to create this sort of album, whether you’re a digital or paper scrapper, to join her on the journey. She’ll be right there helping you all the way.

More information, including how to get started on your very own passion project, can be found here. Cheryl shares a couple layouts from her My Life album with us. More can be seen at here.

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