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Welcome back to our series of posts about our current sponsors. We’d like for you to get to know these women and their businesses better. These sponsors make possible the free content provided here on the blog.

Let’s meet Melissa Shanhun of Digital Scrapbooking HQ.

At Digital Scrapbooking HQ, Melissa helps you become confident in using Photoshop Elements, so that you can forget fighting with your software and go straight to scrapbooking. Digital Scrapbooking HQ offers workshops to meet the needs of today’s scrapbookers and demonstrates the tools and techniques that will help you get scrapbooking faster.

Workshops are run live for members and are available for purchase in the Digital Scrapbooking HQ store. Members of Digital Scrapbooking HQ receive the VIP access to workshops for just $17 per month, as well as question and answer videos, scrapbooking inspiration, discounts and coupons for the best scrapbooking tools and resources.

Additionally, Melissa offers in-person group workshops and one-on-one classes in Perth, Western Australia. Not in Perth? Check out the one-on-one live classes using screen sharing technology – it’s the next best thing!

At Digital Scrapbooking HQ, you can also find video and written tutorials that will give practical skills you can use today. Start by looking at the popular Organizer series or check out how to install a brush to stamp on your digital page. Subscribe to the email list to receive free weekly tutorials in your inbox.

Overwhelmed by the thought of all the places that their photos are located? How do you get it all under control? How do you find what you are looking for? Effortless Organising: Photos shows you how to automate importing, organizing and backing up your photos, using Photoshop Elements Organizer. Keep organizing simple and get your photos ready for scrapbooking. You don’t need to spend hours manually sorting your photos – in fact you can get the basics done by just opening up Organizer and all your photos will be ready and waiting for you. Melissa shares her secrets to managing over 250,000 photos without breaking a sweat!

Melissa loves memory keeping and has kept a journal (not daily, but when the mood strikes) since she was about 12. She began scrapbooking about 11 years ago through a friend who gave her a modern scrapbook. She finished one album and enjoyed the process, but with the expense of film processing and lack of a camera, she didn’t do much more. Fast forward 5 years – as a newlywed, living in a small mining town, complete with soaring temperatures and iconic red dust, Melissa sought to keep memories of this time in the bush alive. She investigated and discovered the world of digital scrapbooking, which was a perfect fit as she already had a few years of graphic design under my belt.

She particularly loves to tell little stories in her scrapbook pages. She enjoys writing without it needing to be a novel and displaying her photos without them needing to be frame-worthy. Furthermore, she can create without getting overwhelmed with clutter, right on her computer. In just thirty minutes (using a Simple Scrapper Premium Membership template!), she was able to create a heartfelt snapshot of her daughter’s life right now, at three. (Credits)

Melissa wants to help others enjoy their hobby, rather than feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the very technology that should make our lives easier. It is with this mission that Digital Scrapbooking HQ was born. She focuses on making the training practical and straightforward, with a big focus on time saving techniques. You don’t need to struggle through the software, get help today.

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