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It’s been a while since we had a free download, hasn’t it? I’m on a mission to change that in 2013 – for the long-time loyal readers as well as the newcomers who may not yet have a sense of my style.

I love white borders on my photos and this download lets you add one without any fuss. It comes in a range of sizes, including a fun option to turn your Instagram photo into an Instax-style print!


I’m trying out a new delivery mechanism: putting the current freebie in the shop. But don’t worry – checkout requires no login. Click here to download this freebie.

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  1. Kate


  2. celeste

    i just saw this in the store. BRILLIANT!

  3. Molly C

    “checkout requires no login”

    ~ Very misleading! ~

    This item IS NOT free unless you give all your personal
    info, like your name, address, credit card info, etc

    While I love what your work and what you made for a freebie,
    I will not hand out that info to get it.

    Out of respect to you, I won’t post my blog address here to
    show you what I mean, but when I offer I freebies…I make
    them available to download right from my blog…No having
    to give info out to my store, or having to ‘Like’ Facebook to get it.

    Please re-consider how you offer your freebies and put a link
    to download them right here on your blog. You can always
    add a link to your store along with ads and coupons in the

    Thank you!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson


      Thanks for your comment. I have made freebies available in variety of ways in the past, including directly in blog posts, behind an email opt-in, by free membership, Liking on Facebook (as you mentioned) and now via shop checkout.

      A credit card is definitely not required at all to download the freebie, nor is a PayPal account. It doesn’t even ask for that information.

      Many of the digital shops offer freebies inside the shop and these require login to check out. When you create a site login, you provide your name, email address and address. In lieu of requiring you to remember a login, this information is asked for at checkout.

      I do not record the addresses for free downloads, so you are more than welcomed to use 111 Elm Street. Your name and email address is all that are really needed.

      As I do with all customer feedback, I will certainly consider your opinions on this going forward.

      • Lynn

        I agree with Molly. This Freebie DOES require a login, minus the Credit Card info…as far as other ‘shops’ offering freebies that actually don’t require a login-Check you If they offer a freebie, it is usually a Direct Link in the shop.
        Maybe you could try that route?!?
        You could easily use a Free Download site like Google Docs or Box. Since you don’t offer many freebies, either of these site will work for you perfectly.
        And Thank you for the direct link freebies 🙂

        • Jennifer

          Thank you for your feedback. We have a huge number of freebies and have used a variety of methods for distribution over the past five years.



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