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Last week our new kit designed for the March 30 Days of Lists challenge sold out in a little over 24 hours. I had no idea there would be this much enthusiasm or I would have ordered more supplies!

While we won’t be restocking this kit, you’ve got a big chance to win a kit between now and Thursday night. There are multiple ways to enter – just follow the instructions below!

Note: Participants outside of the United States are not eligible for this giveaway. Sorry!


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  1. Praew

    I would love to win.
    Thanks for a chance!

  2. Francisca S

    I like lists because they keep me organized!

  3. Jenn

    The stuff is so great, I love the colors in the kit! Thanks for the opportunity, it’s very generous of you.
    I had so much fun doing 30 days of lists back in September, can’t wait to see what new prompts we will get this time!

  4. Brenda Smith

    Lists keep me sane. As an employee, a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a sister, etc., I have my name in many different hats and it’s easy to forget things. Lists allow me to make some semblance of the jumble in mind so that I might remember.

  5. Colleen

    Went to order this and it was already sold out! Would love to win this! I need the organization, as I usually have notedpads all over the place with my stuff written on them. Then, I usually cannot find the notepad when I need it. Vicious Circle, lol!

  6. Becca

    Perhaps today will be my lucky day! (but good luck everyone!)

  7. Mari Adkins

    I have ADHD ~ stuff like this is what helps keep me organized enough to get through my day. I’ve been looking for a kit like this!

  8. Laura

    I would so love to win this kit. I think it would be fun to use. Luck be on my side!!!

  9. Tammy

    This caught my eye right off. Love the beautiful colors. So stuck in the ‘Scrapbookers Rut’ and I would really love to win this and see if I can climb out!

  10. KarYn A.

    Would love to win the kit. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • KarYn A.

      OK – sorry about that – what I love about lists is the satisfaction of crossing something off when I have completed it. Sometimes I create lists midday just so I can cross off the things I’ve already done 🙂

      Thanks again for the opportunity

  11. Amber

    I enjoyed 30 days of list last year and I am looking foward to this year. This kit would just make the experience even better. Thanks!

  12. Brenda

    Lists help me stay focused & feel like I have accomplished things during the day and I Like to cross things off. I like to see the progress I have made.

  13. Candice S. in Colorado

    You have NO idea what this would mean for me! If I could have purchased this kit, I would have done so in an instant, I just couldn’t. Things are pretty rough right now, but….I am still keeping my chin up!

    I don’t leave this note as a “pity post” I am just in the middle of a project and this would rock my project’s world!!! So thank you so much for this awesome chance to win!!

    Candi in Colorado

  14. bdaiss

    Oh my beloved lists. I admit – if there’s a scrap of paper, I will make a list on it. Grocery, to-do, books to read, websites to visit, stuff to pack, etc etc…no list to small (or to big). Thanks for the chance!

  15. Heather V

    I love lists because my memory is terrible (one of the many reasons I love scrapbooking, too!)

  16. Amber Sheaves

    I love lists because they make me feel like I’m doing something – even if it’s only making the list and nothing evder gets crossed off!

  17. Lauren Madsen

    Lists are just a great way to journal about yourself. Sometimes I find it easier to keep records about my kids than it is to keep records about me. Lists are a fast and easy place to start!

  18. fullofautumnjoy

    How fun! I love the number tags, colors, patterns, well–everything!

  19. Margaret Spencer

    What happy colors and papers – would love to start on this project with this kit!

  20. Amy M.

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  21. Janet K

    What a GREAT kit….I could do some damage with it…ha!
    Loving all the great blog posts and inspiration lately!

  22. Dawn M

    Without lists I would forget everything!! Fabulous kit!

  23. Beth

    Lists just rock! They are awesome visual reminders! Love the kit!

  24. martha

    I love LISTS! All kinds!
    This particular list challenges me 🙂

  25. Linda Peabody

    Would love to have this lot”. Maybe I will get lucky,
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. Sarah

    That kit looks so fun! Would love to win!

  27. Kristan W.

    Lists just make life easier!

  28. Sandy L

    I have to keep lists, because if I don’t – I forget everything. I also like to list my current favorites, my past favorites, movies, food, songs I like… ok, I just like lists.

  29. Jenn

    Thank you!


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