I have a question for you. If you made a list of your favorite storytellers, would it include some of these initials?

T.B. | K.B. | L.B. | J.C. | C.D. | P.D. | L.D. | K.D. | L.E.
L.F. | K.G. | J.H. | D.J. | A.J. | M.K. | R.K. | K.L.
A.M. | A.M. | A.M. | C.N. | K.P. | K.S. | L.S. | C.S. | E.S.
A.S. | J.S. | W.S. | L.V. | A.W. | C.W. | J.W.

These ladies have more than memory keeping in common. They’re joining me for Everyday Storyteller 2, a new idea book arriving this May!


I had so much fun developing Everyday Storyteller last year that I had to do it again with a new group of real world scrapbookers. I love how storytellers with varied backgrounds and perspectives can come together to share their best ideas to help you become a stronger memory keeper.

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