The Pig of Happiness

Jennifer Wilson

I’m your guide here at Simple Scrapper. Our community helps people find what fills you up and fits your life in memory keeping.

April 3, 2013

Ready for a mid-week uplift? I discovered this video by way of Lisa-Jo Baker as I was working checking Facebook this morning.

It’s not about memory keeping, but it’s guaranteed to make you 2.4% happier – and happy scrapbookers are productive scrapbookers!

The artist is Edward Monkton and he’s now on my list of geniuses. So tell me, what else is making you happy today?

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  1. Roseann

    Loved it! I think positivity brings good always.

  2. Sue

    Delightful video and certainly puts a smile on my face.
    Happy thoughts are contagious, a simple way to make each
    day a bit better.

  3. Christy Strickler

    I loved the video. Today I am happy b/c it is raining. I always love the rain, how it cleans everything, cools things down, and makes for a cozy day indoors.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      OOh, I love the rain too Christy! That sound always makes me feel relaxed and cozy.


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