Three Big Reasons to Scrapbook Little Childhood Memories

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This is a guest post from team member Holly Humbert.

Recently, I was watching a 2012 TED talk by Joshua Foer, about memory and he said something that really has stuck with me, “Our memories make us who we are.” Those past memories are the building blocks that made us into who we are today.

Seemingly small details from our childhood, can help us connect with our own children and friends and even ourselves. We connect through similar experiences and seek to build relationships with people who understand us. I have three big reasons I scrapbook my childhood memories.

1. Remember Details

As we get older, it’s natural for our memories to get cloudy or details to fade. Start documenting your childhood now, even if you don’t remember everything. Write down what you do know and include pictures if you can. I find pictures often unlock details for us. Ask sibling, friends or parents what they remember as well.

964172_10152903131695438_1996046902_o (1)This layout used one of the June 2013 Story Starter prompts for members.

2. Preserve Traditions

In my family, we have some quirky traditions. Things I didn’t even realize were really traditions until I got married and my husband started questioning them. For example, ” Why aren’t there ever cookies in the cookie jar?” This made me laugh out loud, this family quirk has disappointed many a child (and adult) over the years.

These family traditions (and quirks) make us unique and are often carried through generations. If you need a jumping off point, start with things your family does/did surrounding the holidays or certain life events.

3. Make Connections

One of the best parts about scrapbooking is re-living moments with the ones you love.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I instantly had a desire to share all the books, movies, toys I had grown up with, because I wanted her to find joy in the things I loved as a child. While some of those things from my childhood I was able to acquire for her, others I was not. But those feelings helped me start a list of things that I loved from my childhood, and I can share those things with her as she gets older.

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