WPT#23: Where Your Pages Really Belong (VIDEO)

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I have more than a dozen layouts sitting in a pile, not in an album. I cringe every time my cat walks over them or my daughter pokes her head above the table. In this week’s pep talk, I’m inviting you to join me to take just 15 minutes to complete a small task that is important for your memory keeping mojo – and report back when you’ve done it.

Your Weekly Pep Talk

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It’s your turn to talk! How many layouts do you have completed but not yet in an album? Also, make sure to check back in when you’ve put your layouts away.

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  1. Caroline Brown

    Oh my way, way, way to many. They are all in pizza boxes at mum & dad’s ever since I started doing Project Life. I’ve got some in albums but most don’t fit into any of the albums I have. Maybe I should just create some albums of random layouts.
    I haven’t printed any of my digi layouts out 🙁 so they sit sadly on my hard drive – maybe some photobook projects.

  2. Francine Seal

    I’ve got 31 layouts from the May LOAD2013 project. I finished them and posted them in the Flickr group during May and in June I went back over all of them and got them ready to go to Persnickety prints. I didn’t send them out at the time because we were going on vacation and I wouldn’t be home to receive them but since we’ve gotten back I haven’t uploaded them to Persnickety and made my order. So – I’ll get that done this week, if not today.

  3. Lois John

    I had maybe 60 that I hadn’t put in albums – and then we were moving! So, I put them in albums before packing= maybe not all in the albums they belong in! Will take another look after we move in in three weeks! Good point, though. I have a friend who puts her pages in albums and works on them in the albums (she is a Creative Memories person).

  4. fran g

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! I did LOAD513 and haven’t put them anywhere yet, so I’ve gathered them all in one pizza box, now I need to gather up the different albums they have to go in.

  5. Sue

    I guess I am an anomaly because I put my away almost as soon as I am finished with them. I am afraid they will get messed up if I wait.

  6. glee

    I am kind of the opposite, I put mine in albums so fast I sometimes have to take them out of the albums to photograph them, which I know is dumb! Right now I only have one sitting out, because I want to snap a pic of it before I put it away.

  7. Cheri Stine

    I have a “What’s New” album that is always on display in my living room. As soon as I finish any layout (I still have not gotten into the habit of photographing, uploading and sharing layouts) it goes into the “What’s New” album. Whenever the grandkids come to visit, they always go first to see what’s been added. When that album becomes full-to-bursting, I go through, remove the layouts and place them in their specific albums. I follow Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories category system for my albums–one for “places we go”; “things we do”, “people we love” and “all about us”. So far, it works!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      I absolutely love this idea, thanks for sharing!

  8. Libby Wiers

    I’m with Francine – except mine are paper pages. Some of LOAD513 will go in chronological albums, some in a separate LOAD album for more random pages. A friend wants to see them as I did them, maybe we’ll connect this week and they can find a home!

  9. Paula McLane Jennings

    WOW. I am going to really have to watch the video. I have a minimum of at least 700 layouts that are completed, sorted by whose book they should go into and in plastic envelopes on shelves waiting to be put away. I had started attempting this just before going into the hospital in March and was so sick I know I put some pages in the wrong years in my youngest son’s books and have to go back through them and move them. I still have many post albums so that is SUCH a pain. Even the ones that I put the strap hinge replacements into. I far prefer and now only buy the 3 ring style but have so many ‘in stock’ that I have to use them up first.

  10. Melissa

    Oh my!

    I must have around 300 unprinted layouts.

    One thing I struggle is just getting around to print them! I’m awesome at printing specific projects, just not day to day layouts.

    I’m thinking I should just put them all in into a biiiig photobook in chronological and print them off at 8×8. Then, I’ll go through and decide if I want to make themed photobooks.

    🙂 M

  11. Paula Jennings

    I think I probably top all of you. I think I have at last 500 layouts in plastic envelopes, some at least in page protectors and they have mostly been sorted by whose books they should go in but I keep the pages chronologically but I started scrapping way after my kids were born and I do not scrap chronologically so they all have to get resorted and put into already existing albums. Thios isn’t so bad in the ones that have been put into the 3Dring albums but those postbounds I simply HATE.


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