WPT#31: Try This to Find Creative Flow (VIDEO)

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The Weekly Pep Talk is a video podcast series designed to help you find more time for scrapbooking and use it well. To be notified when new videos are posted subscribe to our YouTube channel.


In this week’s pep talk, I’m sharing a new discovery and offering an approach that can help you feel more creative and complete more scrapbook pages.

Your Weekly Pep Talk

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It’s your turn to talk! Do you have a secret for finding flow? Leave a comment sharing how you find your creative happy place where everything clicks.

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  1. Francine Seal

    An interesting idea, Jennifer. I found myself challenged yesterday. I’ve been working on Christmas cards using instruction and product from an on-line (maybe brick-and-mortar too) store. It had instructions for two featuring Disney but I need four. So I’ve chosen my Disney die-cuts but now I’m trying to find some Christmas papers to go with. So my card mojo is stifled for the moment – but I do have some scraps of Christmas papers that I think I can use plus the usual red and green cardstock. But it had to be separated for a bit from the usual card crafting I’ve been doing.

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      I think this is a good example Francine. That decision making takes some brain power and can even be frustrating. It not only takes time away from the creating but can also take your head out of the game.

  2. Amy Grendel

    I love this idea Jennifer – as I was listening I was thinking that one of my blockers is either picking the photos to start with and/or the story to go with them. And then having to switch gears and decide on layout and papers, etc is hard to do. Next time I get a chance to scrap I am going to separate these tasks into two sittings and see if that helps. Thanks!

    • Barb in AK

      I am like you, Amy, in that I have to switch my gears on making my “materials” selections. I’ve always thought of scrapping as a step-by-step process. It never dawned on me I was “interrupting” my creativity. Great concept Jennifer! Maybe remembering that I’m using TWO sides of my brain instead of just a single brain will help me from feeling so discouraged at times. 🙂


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