How to Choose Which Stories to Tell

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This morning I was thrilled to join Noell Hyman, her producer-husband Izzy, and Karen Grunberg to record an episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable. In PRT 180: Meditative Exacto Knives we talk in-depth about prioritizing and choosing stories to scrapbook.

Each of us are very story-focused in our pages and albums, but we take different approaches for idea-to-page and page-to-album. The discussion was fascinating and we could have continued on for quite a while. I love hearing how others think and work!

I want to do a few blog posts to extend on these ideas and share more of my opinions and approaches, but in the meantime this episode is a great addition to the Week of Story. Not only will you hear my approaches, but you’ll also find out what’s on my bucket list and what new idea will be coming to the membership!

You might also enjoy PRT134 from exactly one year ago on Story Albums. If you’re new to the Paperclipping podcast, you can listen online or subscribe in iTunes. I’ve also been on previous episodes.

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  1. Melissa Shanhun

    Love that! Producer-husband Izzy! 🙂

  2. Cyndi

    I’ve been a PRT listener since almost the beginning. Always something to learn, ponder, explore!

  3. SaBineK.

    Thanks for the links. Will hear them again the next days.
    Always inspiring.


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