The Power of Storytelling

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To conclude the Week of Story, you’re totally going to want a hanky. (Sorry!) I came across an article via Twitter that shared a few essential elements of compelling stories and this powerful advertisement. I really liked the last point on completing a story arc, even in small spaces.

As memory keepers were are the authors of our own stories as well as, in most cases, those of our family members. While creating tearjerker pages like this video is not necessary, we do have a great opportunity to share what touches us most in our scrapbooking.

If you would like to bring story to the center of your memory keeping, don’t forget to use the code WEEKOFSTORY to save 25% on Story-First Scrapbooking, through October 31. Click here to buy the new book.

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  1. Bonnie Krone

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Libby Wiers

    You were right about the hanky! Power of a story…

  3. Donna Johnson

    Wow. Totally needed the tissue – thanks for sharing!

  4. jan

    Wow. That was powerful. Thank you Jennifer. We all need a reminder like that at times.


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