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At the time of this posting, all kits are still available. However quantities are limited and sell-outs are expected.

Last year we released a simple holiday album kit that was well-received – and I’ve been asked if we’re doing another. For a variety of reasons, including my desire to simplify further this year, we’re not.

I also felt strongly about helping scrapbookers have fun with (and actually finish) their holiday projects in any format they choose. This resulted in Holiday Storyteller, which was announced on Friday.

While some of you are using your stash or have already purchased a kit, I wanted to do a round-up of what’s available for holiday albums. It’s no surprise that pocket-style kits are very popular this year! Here are some of my favorites:

Kelly Purkey (pocket-style) | $74.99

full kit

Studio Calico (pocket-style) | $99.99


Cocoa Daisy (pocket-style) | $45


Cocoa Daisy (mini album) | $57.50


Scraptastic (pocket-style) | $100


Citrus Twist | $69


In the coming weeks we’ll share a range of approaches for scrapbooking the holidays. In the meantime, what are you leaning towards? Will you purchase one of these kits?

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  1. Caroline

    I won’t be buying a kit but I do like looking at them for inspiration. I’ll be dipping into my stash and maybe supplementing here and there, which seems to work well for me.

  2. Tina Campell

    I won’t be buying a kit, had bought one last year on sale at the end of the year for this year. I was seeing some of the kits and it would be fun to counterfeit some of those with things in your stash too. If I can get my hands on the Smash Holiday folio, I will be using that instead and saving the boughten kit for next year

  3. bdaiss

    I’m not buying a paper based kit because I’m trying hard to go digital. My previous December Daily books don’t see much play because they are so bulky. I really like the Artifact Uprising books. SO! Does anyone know of a DIGITAL kit? I love the project life pocket style look with 3×4 cards. I was hoping for something modern with a bit of a fun edge including digital cards and some templates. My style is very minimalist (not a lot of elements overlaid – words and photos mostly). Thanks for any leads!

    • Jennifer S. Wilson

      I’ve posted your question to our Facebook page. Hopefully our community can help you! See it here:


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