WPT#36: Check Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself (VIDEO)

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In this week’s pep talk, I’m sharing the one question you should ask yourself over the next six to eight weeks.

Your Weekly Pep Talk

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It’s your turn to talk! What’s on your scrapbooking docket? Is it realistic? I’d love to hear any realizations or insights in the comments.

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  1. Juliakay

    You are spot on, Jennifer! I have already had a number of fantastical ideas flit through my mind, and, bottom line, it is all pretty unrealistic for this stage of life. But one project that I would really like to commit to is finishing my family Christmas album. If I can come up with a plan of attack, this could be doable, I just have to unassemble the current album (in terms of being able to rearrange protectors) and find the gaps, ascertain what photos have been printed and what is still on a cd (the most laborious job for my taste) and catching up on layouts. When I write this out I can really see that this will probably be the only project I can handle, so no December Daily for me, and no homemade tablescapes

  2. Juliakay

    Whoops, and also no homemade Cmas cards, unless they are crazy simple.
    Thanks for the video challenge. It was well received here….

  3. Francine Seal

    Okay – I already know I won’t finish all the Christmas kits I bought. So I will set a stop date – November 29 is the last day I’ll make Christmas cards. I already have “a gajillion” hand made cards from the last two years plus this year as well as finding commercial cards as I’ve decluttered. I’ve got most gifts ordered or at least thought of and have given DH hints (an Ott-lite and an around the neck magnifier both for working with small Dazzles that I need to pull some of the tiny lines from.) Need to give the kids some ideas – gift cards to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby; leg warmers big enough for my legs (no skinny girl here) and maybe something else. I’ve signed up for at least 4 December projects – 30 Days of Lists – December, Holiday Storyteller (Simple Scrapper), My Dream December (Scrappypedia) , and Your December Story (Get It Scrapped). If I’m not making cards, then these should be doable. Still working on Decluttering two rooms (actually keeping one decluttered (Craftroom) while I work on the other (office). Next year is still a little nebulous but I do have ideas floating around – one thing is to re-do the FOCUS year even if you, Jennifer, don’t plan on doing it again. I’ve got everything saved so I can work through it again.

  4. Honore

    I’m like Francine: I’ve also joined 4-5 December documenting projects, all in the effort to get my stories told, so I will have plenty of prompts and ideas…plus I have a few previous December journals to wrap up…and documenting Decembers, both present and past, is my main focus…planning to put my new system/process in gear and see how it’ll shake out for continuation in 2014.
    Time will tell ;-)).


  5. Cyndi

    Keeping true to my 2013 focus I signed up for only one Christmas online project…Simple Scrapper. Others were temping believe me it was hard not to push that button! Really trying to slow the pace down and stay centred on my yearly goals. Not taking on as much and enjoying more of the process.

  6. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever

    That is all!

    I have been a good girl this year. I have been guilty of taking on more than I should in the past. I have learned that I am not in control of all that may happen in a 24-hour period of time and that leaving some extra room for those unexpected events makes life much less stressful and a whole lot more productive!

    Great tip as always Jennifer. Looking forward to getting my hands glittery in some hybrid Holiday Storytelling this holiday season!

    Love and hugs,
    The Not-So-Diehard-DigitalScrapbooker *wink*


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