WPT#12 Revisit: How to Reconnect with Your Stories (VIDEO)

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Productivity Advice | 4 comments

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This week I wanted to revisit a video from the beginning of the year. The message is especially true during the holiday season. As you slow down and get behind the lens more, what matters most to you in memory keeping will become clear.

Your Weekly Pep Talk

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It’s your turn to talk! How to do you remember the “why” behind your scrapbooking? Share your favorite tip for reconnecting with the motivation and meaning in your hobby.

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  1. Trisha

    The why? Thinking about that…I believe my “why” is to share my particular lens-view with my present and future family clan. Why? Because as I see the world changing faster than ever before, I want them to see life as it is now for me. I want them to know who they are from the standpoint of generations of family. For my children and my siblings and cousins…I want them to see that I “see” them in their special uniqueness…and that my heart’s intent is to capture that through photos and scrapping and journaling.

  2. DragonsLady

    Many times the why I scrapbook is because I want to revisit the occasion of my photographs. Frequently as I’m scrapping I can remember so much more that’s not actually in the photos and I want to really hold on to the memories. Then when I look at my layouts later, the memories are refreshed again.

  3. Libby Wiers

    Why I scrapbook? Two main reasons:
    1. to keep a record of our everyday life and special events that will one day be our family history.
    2. I love the creative process, especially when scrapping with friends

  4. Ami Pilon

    I think that this hobby and the creativity that it allows have enriched my life beyond my wildest expectations. I have dealt with serious illness and been bedridden for several years in the late part of the 90’s and then I discovered scrapping. It has been a huge part of my recovery and as I am often isolated by pain issues, I still feel very connected to a community of crafters. My photos show our life and all of it’s little joys. I revisit them as I scrap and then when I share what is in my albums. This is my “why”.


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