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Earlier this week I shared numbers 2 through 7 in my list of 34 things I want my daughter to know about me. I’m so glad to hear that you all are enjoying this series and feel inspired to join in.

To help get you going on your own list, I wanted to share another example list. This one is from team member Kelly Sroka.


  1. I used to roller-skate competitively.
  2. I took ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe for over 10 years.
  3. I was 2nd chair, 2nd violin in the Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra.
  4. My first car was a 1982 brown 2-door Toyota Celica. It did not have power windows or power steering.
  5. I always wanted to be a teacher.
  6. My cousins and I used to put pillowcases on our heads and pretend we had very long hair.
  7. My first telephone number was 273-6248. The area code changed from 919 to 910 to 336 (which it is now).
  8. I did not learn how to use a computer until I was in high school.
  9. My second car was a red Toyota Corolla.
  10. I used to perm my hair when I was younger.
  11. I have dyed my hair blonde, red, and black.
  12. I dressed up as a ballerina the last time I went trick-or-treating.
  13. My first plane trip was to NY for a Youth Symphony concert.
  14. I taught Sunday School at my church when I was in college.
  15. My sister is exactly 2 years and 10 days younger than me.
  16. My parents were going to name me Kevin if I had been a boy.
  17. I worked in the student center at UNCG while in college.
  18. I was a Teaching Fellow.
  19. I taught at the same high school from which I graduated.
  20. Dan took me to Cellar Anton’s on our first lunch date and to Cafe Pasta for our first dinner date.
  21. I always thought the geraniums that my mother planted on our front porch smelled funny.
  22. I went to my first rock concert to see Heart with my friend Kim in high school.
  23. I went to my first (and only) major league baseball game in Baltimore to see the Orioles.
  24. I was in the honor society in high school.
  25. I ran in a regional cross-country meet in elementary school.
  26. I got mono 11th grade and was out of school for 2 weeks.
  27. When I was growing up, we went out to eat almost every Friday night. We would go to Libby Hill, Mr. Steak, or K&W.
  28. I sang in the choir and played the violin at church when I was growing up.
  29. I didn’t like blue cheese, mushrooms, or coffee growing up, but now I love them all.
  30. When I was in middle school, the heel of my boot came off one day at school. I used chewing gum to stick it back on.
  31. I always wanted long fingernails but couldn’t have them because I played the violin and piano.
  32. The number of the bus I rode in elementary school was 279.
  33. I went to kindergarten at my church.
  34. I used to collect frogs and unicorns.

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