Scrapbooking Pets: Project Life Mini Album

Jennifer Wilson

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January 20, 2014

Last year I created an album that honored our dog Maggie, who had recently passed away. You may have see it featured on Becky Higgins’ blog or during her CreativeLIVE class.

I made the album using the Project Life Cinnamon mini album and Wellington mini kit as a gift for my husband’s birthday. Because Maggie was his girl before I was, I left the journaling cards blank.

I’m excited to share a few pages from the finished album, now completed with my husband’s own journaling about his beloved pet. I had a big aha moment during the process, as I realized he is a great storyteller! (I will definitely ask for help more.)

He used a spiral notebook to outline all of his ideas for each journal card (a left-brainer like me!), to make sure he would have space for the stories that were most important to him. Then he filled them in.

The journaling was completed about six months after her passing, which was just the right amount of time. It was a bittersweet process and many tears were shed, but the feelings weren’t so raw. Still, there were a few cards he intentionally left blank. He wants to return later with additional reflections on Maggie and as he put it “how she touched our lives”.

I’ve scrapbooked mostly for myself, but enjoyed doing a special project for someone else. The key is to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to complete, especially for non-scrapbookers.

In my case, I had to give my husband a deadline by which I would love to see it completed. Your mileage may vary (if your spouse is the recipient), but I’ve found that many men work better with very specific parameters provided.

This was also my first Project Life mini album and I’ve since done another. The size makes it perfect for sharing with others while retaining nice big 4×6 images. I’ve got my eye on the Sunflower album for another project!

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