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Happy Saturday! I’m over on the Becky Higgins blog today with a post about telling your childhood stories with Project Life. In the post I share why this treasured family photo prompted an entire album.

And there just might be a special giveaway there too! It was an honor to share my own stories and some of my project photos on Becky’s blog and I hope it helps you see how easy it can be to document your growing up story.

Click here to check it out.

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  1. Elaine

    Hi Jennifer! I have been on the fence about whether to enroll in your Before Your Story class. You see, I’ve been wanting to record my childhood for years. I was *already* sold on the idea.

    At my high school graduation, my mom made a sweet album for me; however, the paper and adhesive were NOT acid-free. I quickly removed the photos, scanned them, and put them in a box until I decided what to do with them. Over the last 4 years, I digi-scrapped some of them. But most of the photos are mediocre quality (blurry and not close up). I wasn’t satisfied with the pages. And, as an avid storyteller, I didn’t know the stories behind the photos (in order to tell them). I may be able to guess an approximate date, but that’s about it!

    Now that I have my daughter, I have also wanted to record stories and/or lessons from my childhood and about her ancestors. I wanted to make a “lessons” type album to use as a teaching tool instead of a memory keeping tool. It would focus less on the photos and more on the people.

    When I heard about Before Your Story, I entered all the giveaways for the class and even typed out 20 Things I Want You to Know about Me. But it didn’t “click” as being achievable until you shared that you used Project Life for this album!! I’ve already converted our family memory keeping to pocket scrapbooking, but I’m still holding onto the expectation that I need to digital (or traditional) scrap the rest of my life.


    I believe I can combine my two projects and do it quickly. Thank you for sharing and motivating me!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Oh Elaine, thanks so much for sharing your story. It is my biggest hope that I can help scrapbookers understand that they can do the things they dream about. Can’t wait to see how you combine these projects!


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