WPT #43: You are So Beautiful

Jennifer Wilson

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February 16, 2014

I do it too.

I crop photos to make my arms look skinnier. I delete photos where I look fatter than I actually am. I criticize and I cringe.

I also put myself in my scrapbooks anyway and am always striving to do more. It’s important and I do it because my daughter doesn’t see fat, or blemishes, or bad hair days. She just sees me, her mommy.

In this week’s pep talk, I want to help you remember your own beauty and the importance of the story you’re living.

Weekly Pep Talk #43: You are So Beautiful from Simple Scrapper

Much has been written in mainstream media about getting women, moms especially, into more of their family photos. Somewhere along the lines we lost a bit of our feminine empowerment, becoming camera shy.

Perhaps with the instant access to photos, we recognized a new vulnerability of this area. Where one used to get dressed up to take a picture, today we’re talking selfies in bed.

It’s almost as though the more photos we take, the more insecure we become. It’s as if we’re afraid of what happens if we’re actually seen. (And trust me, you are so not alone if you feel this way.)

The thing is, we can get so caught up in that insecurity that we miss a big point. You and I will only ever be this exact age, this many minutes old, in just this moment.

We seem to know this about our kids and loved ones, but not so much ourselves.

We only get one chance at this thing called life and if we’re lucky we get a good number of years to do it right.

It is this thought that always helps to re-center my perspective on photos of me. It helps me recognize the beauty in my own unique existence on earth.

When I can focus on being present and getting the most out of every moment, getting in the picture and saving even the bad ones feels all the more important.

Like you, what I want most is for my loved ones to know me. In recognizing that my own insecurity is simply resistance to being seen, I can let go so they can see my true beauty.

Will you join me?

The Weekly Pep Talk shares one strategy to help you simplify scrapbooking and focus on what matters most. 


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