WPT #45: Why You Must Have a Doily

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I like to scrapbook with doilies. A lot.

Weekly Pep Talk #45: Why You Must Have a Doily

Some of you know this about me and it has become a bit of a running joke. I find a way to include a doily on most of my layouts these days, but it’s not because I’m totally into intricate Victorian-era design.

Weekly Pep Talk #45: Why You Must Have a Doily

I wasn’t an early adopter in the usage of doilies on scrapbook pages, though the trend seems to be having a resurgence this year. I started using them for three key reasons:

  • Larger round page elements create movement on the page and connect one area to another.
  • Curves edges soften the lines of layered, rectangular patterned papers and geometric shapes.
  • Detailed textures provide visual interest and create contrast next to more simple elements.

In sum, doilies are a helpful tool I use to unify and complete my page compositions. They have become an aspect of my own unique style. Everyone should use doilies, but I don’t mean this literally.

It is helpful to recognize which scrapbook supplies are, for you, go-to items that work in many situations. When you look to your existing stash, you can identify style-supporting products that you love and are incredibly functional on your page.

As you find your own doily, you’ll be one step closer to finding your unique scrapbooking style.

The Weekly Pep Talk shares one strategy to help you simplify scrapbooking and focus on what matters most. 

P.S. My friend Debbie Hodge is hosting a 5 day event on finding your style and it’s in a similar format to the events we host here at Simple Scrapper. Whenever I have a scrapbooker who wants to understand design better, I send her to Debbie.

Click here to check out Style is Leverage. It starts tomorrow.

Style is Leverage

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