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One of my proudest accomplishments to date has been creating the Everyday Storyteller idea books. Volume 1 and Volume 2 are jam-packed with practical ideas real scrapbookers actually use.

These books include far more than pretty project pictures. They offer time-tested tricks for the entire scrapbooking process from some of your favorite scrapbookers.

Do you recognize any of these 65 names?

Cheryl Ashcraft Tangie Baxter
Anna Aspnes Kerri Bradford
Katie Clemons Lexi Bridges
Elise Blaha Cripe Joscelyne Cutchens
Paula Gilarde Catherine Davis
Sara Gleason Patty Debowski
Michelle Hernandez Lisa Dickinson
Debbie Hodge Karla Dudley
Katrina Kennedy Lain Ehmann
Amy Kingsford Leah Farquharson
Cindy Liebel Karen Grunberg
Crystal Livesay Jenni Hufford
Angie Lucas Donna Jannuzzi
Robyn Meierotto Mandy Koeppen
CD Muckosky Riikka Kovasin
Nancy Nally Kami Leonard
Christine Newman Amy Mallory
Ashli Oliver Amy Martin
Amanda Padgett Ann-Marie Morris
Renee Pearson Celine Navarro
Elle Price Kelly Purkey
Heather Prins Krista Sahlin
Traci Reed Amanda Robinson
Lauren Reid Linda Sattgast
Amber Ries Cindy Schneider
Kristin Rutten Wendy Smedley
Betsy Sammarco Elisha Snow
Jenn Smith-Sloane Amy Sorensen
Jessica Sprague Jill Sprott
Melissa Stinson Laura Vegas
Amy Tan Allison Waken
Tiffany Tillman Crystal Wilkerson
Jennifer Wilson Jennifer Wilson

If you don’t have these books in your resource library, you’re going to want to get ready for our biggest sale of the year over National Scrapbook Day weekend. Beginning on Friday, May 2nd you can get eBook or print book bundles for 40% off!

Everyday Storyteller NSD Sale

Prices definitely won’t be this low again in 2014! I’ll be sharing a few more reasons why you should consider these essential reading in the coming days, but for now I have one suggestion.

Make sure your name is on the VIP list so you’re one of the first to know when the sale begins.

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