Journaling Mini-Course: Heart Songs

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The Art & Practice of Journaling free mini-course from Simple Scrapper offers a guided path to better scrapbook journaling.

The Art & Practice of Journaling mini-course at Simple Scrapper


I like to think of this technique as one that translates the little things in our life into ones that are oh-so-big, of elevating the sweet moments into life-long memories. When we tap into our feelings and celebrate all that we have, the words tend to flow easier.

You can recognize there is a story to tell when your eyes well up with tears, especially those bittersweet ones, or your heart swells with love when you see a specific photo. You know there is much more than just the moment captured by the image.

In some ways these stories are more abundant, but because they often are so much part of living we can overlook their significance. It is these stories though, that will most develop your ability to journal with more meaning as you explore the how and why of what matters most.

The easiest way to start brainstorming what to write is with an “I feel” or “This makes me feel” statement. You may not include these exact words in your scrapbooking, but they will get your words pointed towards revealing what you think, feel and believe about a memory.


Choose something in your life to celebrate, like a fresh cool breeze or the tickle of your spouse’s whiskers. Spend 10 minutes writing about this topic in your journal, casually musing on how this fills your heart. Then see if you have any photos to pair with this story and scrapbook it, if you like.

  • Did your writing help you see the significance of this “little” thing in your life?
  • Does beginning with “I feel” help you get started defining the meaning behind a story?

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