Journaling Mini-Course: Purposeful Practice

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The Art & Practice of Journaling free mini-course from Simple Scrapper offers a guided path to better scrapbook journaling.

The Art & Practice of Journaling mini-course at Simple Scrapper


Our final technique to help you improve your writing (not to mention the added benefits to your inner being) through journal-keeping invites you to select a focus point. The idea is to choose a theme for your journaling and writing on that theme regularly.

Your theme can be a person, place or thing; it can be idea like gratitude, family or simplicity; or it can be a way to compartmentalize parts of your life, such as crafting, reading or work. Narrowing your writing topic to one smaller than “life, generally” can help you develop creative writing skills, as you seek to discuss the topic in a variety of ways.

Themed journaling can assist with developing the basic framework for a scrapbook album project or simply reveal stories you want to celebrate with photos as well. It can also give you a more meaningful purpose for keeping a journal. This theme-based practice can be the entirety of how you journal, or just another weapon in your arsenal.

One thing to remember: A themed journal exercise doesn’t need to go on forever. It is simply more than a one-off type of prompt-based writing exercise. No matter how you journal, it is the simple act of choosing to do it and to write regularly that will help you refine your scrapbook journaling skills, give you more confidence in writing and offer you a safe creative platform to explore your ideas.


Select a topic you want to explore more fully and with regularity. Use a specific notation or sticker in your journal to indicate the theme, or choose an alternate journal to collect these thoughts.

  • What are the ways that journaling improves your outlook? your writing skills?
  • Does the idea of regular journaling on a theme appeal to you?
  • Have you ever kept a gratitude journal before?

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