In my everyday life I juggle the roles of wife, mother, business owner, and employee. One of the questions I regularly receive is: “How do you do it all?”

I don’t.

I did make the bed this morning, but I’m not sure when the bathroom was last cleaned. I cooked supper last night, but ate take out for lunch today. I get my daughter dressed and undressed, but when I have a chat she gets bathed and put to bed by Daddy.

I don’t get it all done and there are always tradeoffs when I choose one thing over another. I try to choose simplicity often and focus every day on creating more impact with less effort.


And just as I have help at home, I have lots of help here at Simple Scrapper to make things happen. Recently I brought on some additional staff members to distribute the workload and better support our growth. Today I wanted to share who’s who, because I believe transparency is important!

Jen Conlon is our Social Media Manager. She makes sure we’re sharing interesting and useful content on Facebook and assists me in developing awesome strategies for connecting with scrapbookers across platforms. On Facebook, Jen’s posts are signed -jc.

Amy Melniczenko is our Team Leader. She manages our talented creative team and supports a lot of site administration related to recurring features, like our Team Gallery. Amy is a project manager in her day job and that comes through in role at Simple Scrapper!

Molly Porter is our Customer Service Manager. She handles our membership records and manages the inbox with prompt replies. Molly is your friendly go-to gal whenever you have a question or need something fixed.

Neisha Sykes is our Graphic Designer. She focuses on making the monthly members-only magazine look and sound perfect. Neisha will also be helping me develop new free and non-free content for Simple Scrapper with her design (and copyediting) skills.

Leslie Harvey is doing occasional graphic design work as well.

At present, our Creative Team includes: Arielle Gordon, Lisa Corbin-Polak, Ronnie Crowley, Sandy Henderson, Kimberly Kalil, Jennifer Larson, Aimee Maddern, Amy Melniczenko, Shannon Morgan, Molly Porter, Melanie Ritchie, Kelly Sroka, Sara Case Strickland, Allie Trumpower, and Delanie Wood.

How We Get it All Done, Together

I also wanted to briefly share a little bit about the processes and tools we use to work together as a team.

1. Facebook Group – Our staff/team group makes it easy to stay in touch and share the latest updates in a place where everyone hangs out regularly.

2. Dropbox – After many years of using Box, I’ve transitioned the team to using Dropbox. We love how super simple it is to drop off files for one another.

3. Asana – This team/project management tool has been such a revelation and immediately became essential to our day-to-day operations at Simple Scrapper.

Have any curiosities about how we get things done? I’m happy to answer questions in the comments.

Did you find this post helpful?

We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


  1. Jen

    Before I started using Asana with you at Simple Scrapper, I was using it for my work with a local education foundation non-profit. And now I even use it to keep track of my own mountain of stuff to get done and I want to get done…everything from swapping out my family’s seasonal clothes to how I plan on (eventually) finishing my Before Your Story scrapbook.

    Whenever I feel overwhelmed I just start typing all the little tasks that are on my mind into a beautifully organized Asana project. Then I get all zen.

    I still find it hard to believe such an awesome tool is totally free. (Up to a point. They do have a for-pay product.) -jc

  2. Gab

    So cool to know more about you and the team!



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