Why I Stopped Digital Scrapbooking (Q&A)

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It’s Q&A month and I’m answering your biggest questions about life, business, and simple scrapbooking.

Q&A with Jennifer Wilson | Why I Stopped Digital Scrapbooking

Why did you switch from digital to paper scrapbooking? How did you navigate the transition?

In late 2010 I started creating papercraft projects for what would become our membership. In many ways I was both experienced at crafting yet a total novice at paper scrapbooking. As I learned about the industry and saw the beautiful products, I was hooked.

While I definitely enjoyed the digital scrapbooking I had been doing for the previous two years, I was craving time away from the computer. I had grown up crafting with my hands and I missed that tactile experience. After just a few layouts it became clear I had found a more natural fit for my own hobby.

As I was learning the ropes, I spent a lot of time studying techniques and trying to understand why I liked certain layouts. It took some time for me to discover the types of supplies that felt most comfortable.

In the beginning I didn’t intend to stop doing digital layouts, but the rise in popularity of Project Life quickly sent me in the direction of all-tangible products. That said, I still incorporate a lot of digital techniques into my projects.

Recently I’ve become more fascinated by the possibilities of hybrid design with a modern look and feel. I love browsing Pinterest for hybrid layout concepts.

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  1. Juanita

    I have never been a big fan of digital scrapbooking, even though I have 2 sb programs. I love the tactile experience, handling the papers and products. While it seems most scrappers have gone digital, it is refreshing to see others opting for the hands-on approach!

  2. Lara Read

    As a long time paper scrapper, I thought it is interesting your reasons to go to paper are my reasons not to go digital 🙂 I also thought it was interesting that on Ali Edwards blog she posted results of a survey and one of the questions was what is you go to form of scrapbooking? And Project Life and paper scrapping where far past digital. I hope paper scrapping stays around for a long time.

  3. Lois

    I too, have loads of Digital supplies, but can’t seem to go digital!

  4. Heidi Tressler

    Thank you! Being on the computer for 8 hours a day I am hesitant to do digital. I was feeling that every one out there was going digital. My go to magazines stated they were following the trend in scrapbooking with their new digital format. I love to see that there are more people embracing the paper and simple pages. Thanks again for your insight.

  5. Tiffany Mitchell

    I have recently started digital scrapbooking to do Project Life digitally. I don’t print my photos at home, so I was perpetually “behind”. To simplify my process and get more words into a Project Life layout, digital layouts was a perfect solution for me. I am also excited at how small the printed albums will be at the end of the year. My goal is that with my PL pages done in real time, at a much faster pace, in part because they are more simple, I will have more time to create more traditional pages with deeper stories.

  6. cats4jan

    One doesn’t need to go ‘either or’
    One can create on the computer, print, cut and paste onto your paper page. I do that with greeting cards.


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