Our Boston Adventure in Photos | Simple Scrapbook Layout

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I am all about story and adding meaning to photos with words. But sometimes, a picture really is worth one thousand of them. In this post I’m sharing a 6×12 photo essay layout from a recent trip.

Our Boston Adventure in Photos | Simple Scrapbook Layout

I began by selecting my ten most favorite Instagram photos from a recent adventure in Boston. My husband I were there on business and managed to do a little sight-seeing on the side.

While I do have some other photos of us together I want to scrapbook with a traditional layout, there wasn’t a lot of depth to these iconic images. We walked the Freedom Trail. We ate seafood. We went to a game at Fenway. We walked some more.

This easy storytelling scenario led me to an easy scrapbooking solution: two 6×12 collages assembled from 4×6 prints. No wait needed!

Our Boston Adventure in Photos | Simple Scrapbook Layout

I used the Print module in Lightroom to create 3″x3″ and 3″x6″ images on 4×6 canvases. Each were exported as a high resolution JPG and then printed from within Photoshop.

To create the larger images, I used the ability to choose the cropping in the Print module to drag the image all the way to the top and then all the way to the bottom. In other words, I exported each image twice – first the top half and then the second half.

Before printing, I also added a small title in Photoshop to one of the images. The font is Proxima Nova.

Our Boston Adventure in Photos | Simple Scrapbook Layout

The excess was trimmed from each photo before adhering collage-style to a 6×12 sheet of card stock. I chose to adhere them on both sides, but you could use two pieces of card stock and place them back to back as well.

Our Boston Adventure in Photos | Simple Scrapbook Layout

The entire process took less than 1 hour from start to finish. The result is a high impact album insert that tells the story simply. Sometimes that’s all you really need.

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  1. Kim McKelvey-Smith

    Awesome insert covering your trip! Love how you included the steps you took in Lightroom for those contemplating using the software :). Thanks for introducing me to a new font, too!


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