How to Tell Your Story Visually

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As scrapbookers we use photos, words, and products to tell our stories visually. But do all the parts of your page communicate the real meaning? It’s not always easy.

Developing visual storytelling skills takes practice, but can become an easier (even automatic) part of your process over time. Here are three simple ways to tell your story visually:

1. Create a logical photo flow – When you create a layout or a pocket page with multiple photos, place the images in a visual order that helps tell the story. It doesn’t even have to be chronological. The proximity of images to each other can also add a layer of meaning.

2. Make symbolic product choices – While I tend to shy away from thematic scrapbooking supplies, you can make intentional and symbolic choices among your timeless products. Look for patterns and embellishments that mirror your feelings for the photo(s).

3. Style your journaling blocks – The size and placement of the written story on your layout helps to convey meaning. A hidden story may indicate sensitivity or heartfelt feelings. A large block of journaling conveys importance and weight.

Would you love to master the skill of telling your stories visually? Beginning July 28, my friend Debbie Hodge is teaching a 5-day class with actionable PDF lessons and daily live events. In Visual Storytelling, you will “elevate your scrapbook page storytelling by applying visual design elements to traditional story structures.”

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