How Does Your Creative Workspace Make You Feel?

Jennifer Wilson

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August 7, 2014

When you walk into your creative workspace, how do you feel?

Tired or excited?
Confined or open?
Tense or at ease?

While some find it easy to always be organized, most of us have to work at it. That means some of the time our workspaces can feel overwhelming – and not conducive to creating. Even a cluttered computer screen can feel as overwhelming as a cluttered desk!

During our springtime Stash Bash event I overhauled a closet that made me sigh and shrug every time I looked at it. It made me feel guilty and exhausted, so I avoided using anything in it.

Transforming the closet required a short-term burst of energy and focus (a sprint), but then it was done.

How Does Your Creative Workspace Make You Feel?

Now when I look at my closet I feel full of energy, spaciousness, and peace. It not only invites me to create, but to continue my organization journey.

You, too, can transform how your workspace makes you feel. Here are three of my best tips:

1. Commit to the task – By setting specific dates to start and finish the closet, I gave myself permission to really dive in. I also eliminated procrastination and excuses from getting in the way of starting.

2. Break it down – Look at getting organized as a series of small tasks or challenges. From start to finish I treated the closet as a checklist of doable projects, so I could see my progress and feel accomplished every step of the way.

3. Enlist cheerleaders – It would have been a lot harder to take on this closet project without the encouragement of the Simple Scrapper community. Sometimes what you need most is a high five and motivation to keep going.

To begin, your first step is think about what could be possible with your own organizing sprint. Leave a comment sharing one word to describe how you want your workspace to make you feel.

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  1. Deanna Ridgway


  2. Cathy B


  3. Vicki G.

    Cluttered with 3 desks in a small space as well as 3 Chairs, not counting 2 shelfs for CDs, and file cabinets. 🙁

    • Jennifer Wilson

      If the space was no longer cluttered, how would you feel Vicki?

  4. HelenH


  5. Diane


  6. DeAnna


  7. Darlene


  8. Vicki

    Most of the time I feel happy, but would feel even happier if I could combine the contents of all 3 desks into one desk, lol Unfortunately that isn’t an option.

  9. Gab

    Happy but could be happier! Looking forward to Stash Bash!

  10. {leah}

    I love this post! I went through the same thing this March when I purged and reorganized my studio space. It was absolutely exhausting, but totally worth it! Now I feel energized just being in the space (which is essential for me, since it’s also a part of our main living area).

  11. Jean Kinney

    Two craft rooms! Handyl hubby! Lots of storage! Donation of extra stuff to local grammar school for their art projects!

  12. Amy Jackson

    I want to feel relaxed…The “chilled out” version of my creative self 🙂

    • Jennifer Wilson

      ‘Chilled out’ – LOVE that image!

  13. Patricia Provot


  14. Mary Jennifer

    I have half a “sun room” for my work desk and craft space. I recently made a room screen for 1/2 the room and can’t wait to make one for the other half. Also just got rid of four pieces of furniture. Can’t wait to make space useful

  15. Chris Webb




  17. Doshie



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