Workshop Giveaway: Quizapalooza with Angie Lucas

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You love telling stories, but sometimes the act of journaling can get in the way. How can you get memories out of your head and on to paper?

Prompts can make journaling so much easier. And really good prompts, they can make it feel like the words just spill out of you.

I believe in using tools to simplify scrapbooking, so I was excited when Angie Lucas asked if I would share her latest workshop at Big Picture Classes with you.

Giveaway: Quizapalooza with Angie Lucas

Quizapalooza is a 5-week interactive workshop that makes it simple to share meaningful stories in your scrapbooks, journals, and Project Life albums—or even via your blog or social media channels.

Angie has carefully curated more than 180 questions to help you capture fascinating tidbits about all areas of your life. Class begins this Thursday, September 18!

Free Sample Quizzes

Would you like a taste of Quizapalooza? Angie has a free set of five printable quizzes for you. Use these ideas to uncover story ideas for your next scrapbook layout.

Click here to download.

Workshop Giveaway

For a chance to win a seat in Quizapalooza with Angie Lucas, leave a comment on this post by 5pm CDT on Wednesday, September 17. One participant will be randomly selected and contacted directly with prize claim instructions. This post will also be updated with the winner’s name.

The giveaway has closed. The winner is #22, Carmelle Landreville.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you register using a link in this post, a portion of your payment supports the free content here at Simple Scrapper. If you are the winner and have already registered for Quizapalooza, your payment will be refunded.

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  1. Carrie

    I’d say that journaling is not strength of mine. I’d love to explore ways to improve in that area.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  2. KarYn A.

    Would love to win this class. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Kay

    Sounds like an interesting class. I’d love to win it! Thanks

  4. Jenny McGee

    I would love to win. I love Big Picture Classes and try and take many classes. This is one I would love to take. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Jenn L

    This look like such a fun class and hopefully the kickstart I need to get back to scrapping!

  6. Tracy G

    What a fun class. I’d love to learn how to incorporate this into my journaling and page creation. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Meg

    I’m always looking for new ways to journal. This looks like a fun spin on storytelling. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Nicole

    Looks like a super fun class! I can always use help with journaling, and love lists! Thanks for the chance to win 😉

  9. Lilola

    Jiournaling is not onwe of my strong points. I have whole albums with no journaling and need to get caught up! Thanks for the chance to win this workshop, because I can’t afford it at the moment!

  10. Lisa

    Telling our stories is where I wish to start concentrating on in my scrapping, so this would be an awesome place to start! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Karen Sheffer

    I love questions to help prompt a good story out of me! What a fun idea!

  12. Laura T.

    This class looks like so much fun. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  13. Jodi

    This looks like such a fun class!

  14. Alissa W

    I would love to take this class because the promos I’ve seen are so inspiring and I think I would create many layouts as a result.

  15. Kim McKelvey-Smith

    This looks like a fun class and I think it would help me with inspiration for telling my stories with my layouts. Thanks for the chance!

  16. Jeri Pettingill

    Sounds like a great way to dredge up memories that are hard to recall without some help. I love Angie’s classes.

  17. Lisa Hinson

    I would love to win this class. Angie Lucas always does a good job with the classes she teaches. Thanks for the chance.

  18. Chris

    Insight is always appreciated when journaling stories.

  19. Jean Schmuker

    I took Angie’s grammar free journaling–this looks like a great companion to it.

  20. Mindy N

    I would love to take this class! Really love the sample cards we were allowed to see. My journaling is lacking and I really feel this would help me out. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  21. Alexa

    Looks like a great class with some interesting prompts. Thanks for the chance.

  22. Carmelle Landreville

    This class looks a great class to improve my journaling on my layouts and to accentuate my stories….

  23. Alyna

    This sounds like it would be a fabulous class! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in it!

  24. Bernadette

    This looks like a great class, I love how prompts can get you journaling about things you had long forgotten.

  25. Lisa

    I love quizzes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Patty

    Who wouldn’t enjoy a spot in a class showing how to improve journaling. The quizzes were very thought provoking and, goodness knows, journaling is the biggest obstacle I face on each scrapbooking page I produce. Any assistance with this process is greatly appreciated.

  27. Juliet Russell

    Looks like a fun class with lots of inspiration.

  28. Donna

    What fun! Thank you for the chance.

  29. Abby

    I’d love to participate in the class!

  30. Nikki J.

    This looks like such a fun workshop…thanks for the opportunity to win!

  31. Jo-Lee

    I LOVE Angie Lucas! Her writing is amazing and so inspiring.

  32. Heather S.

    This clade looks like a ton of fun, and a great way to get some stories told. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  33. Heather S.

    Class (Above) not “clade” – I’m typing with a cat on my lap. Should have read it before submitting – oops!

  34. Jemma @ Just-Jimjams

    Sometimes a fab journalling prompt lifts a scrapbook page from the ordinary to the wonderful – happy to be inspired by this class – thanks x

  35. Sara Westhead

    What an awesome looking class! I only hope that I can win and enjoy!

  36. Deanna Ridgway

    I would love to win this class. I think it would help me tell much better stories in my scrapbooks. Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Amy R

    This class looks great. Thanks for the chance!

  38. Carole J.

    I’d love a fun way to help my journaling. Thanks for a chance to win a seat in the class!

  39. Amber M.

    I deeply believe in telling our stories in a unique yet genuine way. Angie’s class sounds like a perfect opportunity to learn new ways to do just that. Thanks do much for the chance to win a spot in her class!

  40. Margaret Spencer

    Looks intriguing ~ I could use ideas on writing less! Thanks for this chance to win a spot in the class.

  41. Rosa

    I’ve never taken a class with Angie but I’ve listened to her in the PRT podcast and winning this class would be awesome! thanks for the chance

  42. Tiffany M.

    Love anything that makes journaling more simple! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class!

  43. Annie Low

    I love BPC! I am already signed up for this and am looking forward to it. Angie is a great instructor!

  44. Lynne Moore

    This class looks like a bunch of fun. (Normally “quizzes” are scary things. LOL) Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  45. Kelli Lindley

    I love quizzes! I think they make perfect snapshots of some of the more mundane aspects of life that we may not think about

  46. Darlene Ragon

    Maybe I can get my Mother to answer some of the quizzes so I can preserve her memories, thanks for the chance to win.

  47. Andrea West

    Angie’s classes are always good! Thanks for the chance to win this class.

  48. Raesha

    I’d love a chance to win! Thanks so much!

  49. Tina C.

    Looks like it’s gonna be a fantastic class look forward to all the journaling.

  50. Myra

    Oh I need lots of help to get my thoughts down on paper so would love to win! Thanks for the chance!!

  51. Susan M

    This sounds like a great class !!! Thank you!!!

  52. Sara B

    I love the look of this class and would love to win a spot. Thanks for the give away. 🙂

  53. SaBineK.

    would be a great inspiration too. Love to win.
    Thanks for the chance to win a seat. 🙂

  54. Gab

    I’m a huge fan of Angie Lucas. Thanks for the chance to win (even though I’m signed up already!)

  55. Heather V

    Angie Lucas is so inspiring, I’d love to take this class with her! Thank you for the chance.

  56. Sarah W A

    What a great idea to prompt journaling-quizzes! I would be thrilled to win this class! Thanks!

  57. Dani

    what a super workshop. Thanks for the chance to win it!


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