How to Take All the Fun Out of Holiday Scrapbooking

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The second the last “trick-or-treat” is uttered, excitement for the holiday season begins to brew. Visions of sugarplums dance in your head as you imagine this year’s holiday scrapbook project.

You can’t wait to sit down with a mug of peppermint hot chocolate and scrapbook all those magical memories. “This one’s going to be epic,” you whisper to yourself as you start shopping.

Kicking off the holidays with excitement, full of nostalgia for seasons past, is totally normal. You want to feel like a kid again, just with better craft supplies.

But come December, why does it end up feeling like everyone is having more fun than you? How do they manage to do so much while you’re struggling to keep up?

How to Take All the Fun Out of Holiday Scrapbooking

The problem begins early in the season (i.e. right now), when you let this enthusiasm turn into idealism. You check into a fun-zapping alternate reality that just doesn’t match up with what’s possible. This leaves you frustrated and behind later on.

Your epic holiday project becomes just another unfinished object… and far from magical. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s break down exactly why grand visions don’t always pan out. Here’s how you can be sure to take all the fun out of holiday scrapbooking:

1. Buy all the things. Having too many choices is the fastest path to frustration and overwhelm. While a few well-chosen goodies will light you up, bringing home the whole store may end up dragging you – and your project – down.

2. Make it too complicated. You can quite effectively take all the fun out of scrapbooking by constructing a project with too many steps or expectations. Choosing a truly epic approach might sound fun but a simple, repetitive format will end up actually being fun.

3. Ignore reality. The best projects not only fill you up, but fit your lifestyle. Not considering how your family spends nights and weekends during the holiday season can leave you with less time to scrapbook than you had planned.

4. Forget what matters. Expectations, obligations, and comparisons can lead you down a rabbit hole of un-fun. Remembering why you scrapbook and your personal meaning  to the holiday season will help you focus on getting things done.

How to Take All the Fun Out of Holiday Scrapbooking

You can keep the fun in holiday scrapbooking.

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  1. Dale Rose Stream

    ” You want to feel like a kid again, just with better craft supplies.”… don’t we ALL???? LOL


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