The 2015 Start Fresh Workbook & Planner: What You Need to Know

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The next annual Start Fresh event takes place January 7-11, 2015. This is a five-day experience to help you get organized for another year of family photography and life documentation with scrapbooking.

Participants receive a energizing workshop experience plus my newly-revised and expanded 2015 Start Fresh Workbook & Planner. In this post I want to share more about this tool, what sets it apart, and how you can use it to stay excited and on track all year long.

Your BFF for Simple, Productive Scrapbooking

Your BFF* for Simple, Productive Scrapbooking

* Best Friend Forever

The Start Fresh Workbook & Planner is a 75+ page printable PDF tool for memory keepers, your secret weapon for a joyfully productive year. It has also been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing it to be used for more than just scrapbooking!

What’s included?
The 2015 planner includes clearly-labeled sections to be used at varying intervals. From the annual kick start we’ll conduct during Start Fresh to the project planner that can be used anytime you need it, the Workbook & Planner is there to keep you focused. Components include:

  • Annual kick start workbook
  • Seasonal priority prompts
  • Monthly calendar & check-ins
  • Weekly “to do” checklists
  • Daily routine goal-setting
  • Anytime planning pages

Plus, at the Start Fresh event you’ll also receive completed examples and a video that explains how to use each page type.

What’s not included?
This tool does not include daily agenda pages. If you love using an agenda, especially a ringed planner like the Filofax, you’ll love customizing it with the addition of the Start Fresh pages.

What sizes and formats are available?
Our standard edition of the Workbook & Planner is optimized for the US letter (8.5.x11) size, but we have created alternate versions to satisfy a range of users:

  • Compact edition – 5.5×8.5,  prepared for double-sided 8.5×11 printing
  • Southern Hemisphere edition – A4 paper size, season-sensitive
  • Euro edition – A4 paper size, weeks start on Monday

Additionally, each version includes form fill-in fields that allow you to type directly on the planner. You can type and print or simply save the file to your computer.

How is it different from other planners?
Other planners on the market focus on traditional scheduling as well as emphasize memory capture. The Start Fresh Workbook & Planner not only helps you record stories, but provides structure and systems to help you get those stories into your scrapbooks.

Click here to get your 2015 Workbook & Planner.

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