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The Simplify Your New Year free mini course from Simple Scrapper offers a guided path towards memory keeping that feels joyful and easy.

During this time of year, optimism is high. You can see all the successes you’ll build upon to craft a year full of possibility and finished projects.

But maybe you also have that lingering doubt and fear in the back of your mind, for when the starry-eyed honeymoon of the new year wears off.

As we conclude this week’s series, I want you to understand the one small shift that will help you maintain enthusiasm all through the year.

Get a head start on 2015 with the Simplify Your New Year free mini class at Simple Scrapper

There’s something I’ve learned over the years, something that can offer a lightbulb moment for 2015 planning: People don’t change just because it’s possible. People change because it means something to them.

Simplifying, like other changes in life, takes intention and focus. It’s what you focus on that matters most though.

Instead of focusing on the outputs of your efforts, shift the focus to the outcomes. Another way of saying that is to focus on the benefits of simplicity to your life instead of what scrapbooking simply looks like.

Let’s take projects, more broadly, as an example.

Instead of saying that you want to finish more of the projects you start, say that you want to feel more accomplished and satisfied with your leisure time. Instead of saying that you want to stop setting unrealistic expectations for your project, say that you want the process to be more enjoyable from start to finish.

With these meaningful outcomes in mind, you can then work backwards to craft a plan that includes specific action steps to get there. Focusing on what’s important, why this change matters, creates a truly strong foundation on which to build a joyful year of memory keeping.

Leave a comment sharing the most important thing you hope to achieve – in scrapbooking or in life – in 2015.

Get a head start on 2015 with the Simplify Your New Year free mini class at Simple Scrapper

P.S. There won’t be enough time to do everything next year, but I can help you figure out what matters most to you. Together, in Start Fresh, we can craft a meaningful plan for your memory keeping that you’ll be just as excited about next December as you are in January.

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  1. Dottie Pennington

    What matters most to me for 2015 is to finish the story I started this year on our trip to Lake Tahoe. We still talk about that trip as if it was last year and it has been 10 years. Another story I want to start is about our 5 years living in Germany during my husband military assignment. I have figured out how to be successful with the Germany story by making individual page kits for a group of pictures as I have done with my Tahoe story.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I love seeing how you’ve applied learning/growth from one project to another. Congrats!

  2. Carol White

    In 2015:

    I want a plan for my scrapbooking projects.
    I want to savor moments in life and know that is acceptable.

    Looking forward to Start Fresh!

  3. Pheeebzzz

    What matters to me for my projects in 2015 is to try and do less but actually enjoy the process and go through until the end! (too many unfinished projects that feel like a chore now instead of something fun)

  4. Francine

    I want to put blinders on in 2015. I’m beginning to realize that I’m just like the dogs in “UP!”. I’m constantly chasing after the next squirrel that comes around and it seems like I’m living in a squirrel infested tree.
    So, after downloading the Quick Start (probably for the 2nd time at least) and actually filling in the Project sort and prioritize pages and discovering the top 3 (finish the Alaska Cruise 2014 Album, Create and finish the Massachusetts 2014 Album, Start Fresh for 2015), I’m ready to do the same with my non-scrapbooking issues. And believe me, there are MANY. I know I won’t finish anything if I don’t have a plan and follow it. I also know I’m good at planning but frequently can’t get past half done (or half-baked.) I figure if I can find my top three in my various ‘roles’ I stand a better chance of NOT having my rear planted in the chair in front of my computer or craft table for 8-10 hours a day. [I’m writing a book, need to lose weight & get fitter (walk more), want to get out of Auto mode on my Nikon D3100; learn PhotoShop, Lightroom, Premier Pro; start sewing again and actually, really, make a quilt (plus clothes for myself); actually cook up some of the recipes I’ve been saving for, like FOREVER!; and, finally – get both the craft room and the guest room out of the dumping station mode.] (See what I mean about squirrels?)

  5. Nan

    I have been making photo books for my extended family every year for awhile, using the pics they post on FB and Instagram. It started off fun and now is just a chore. I am trying to find a way to make it joyous again. I love creating the art of a digital layout but hate the part of assembling the book and getting it printed. So this year I am going to forget organizing. When a photo is posted online, I will scrap that pic and have fun. I will email the family member a copy to enjoy at that moment. At the beginning of 2016 i will sit down and task myself with making a book of the past year. I will not fret if I do not have facing pages that coordinate. Nobody cares. I just want to go back to creating for the joy of seeing magic happen with a few clicks of the mouse! Now to override my constant trying (unsuccessfully) to be organized and “Let it go’ let it go, let it go!”

  6. Diane

    My goals are as follows:
    1. Organize – I have been renovating my Scrap/Craft room this year, with my husband building custom pieces of furniture to make the room more functional and let me “see” everything – I’m an out of sight out of mind kind of gal.
    2. Purge – That 12-step program I mentioned earlier….
    3. Finish Something – Either a past project that has gone unfinished or a project that I am currently working on; like my December daily album or my dad’s heritage album – both are started and both could be finished this year – IF I don’t fizzle. All three would be fabulous!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Make a venn diagram with “I’m excited about this” on one side and “This is important to me on the other”. Bin your projects into either or both categories and look for the intersections. The project that you’re most excited about that’s the most important to you is where to begin.

  7. HelenH

    In 2015 I want to continue to move my memorabilia into memories – school of life notebooks for my kids, and scrapbooks for my own collections. Continue to declutter my stuff.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Sometimes rededicating yourself to an ongoing journey is the very best choice! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Susan Mealiea

    For 2015, I want to dig into my stash of classes to find ones that are short, learn something, or try something specific instead of the ones that are long term project based. I also want to utilize my existing resources for inspiration (the SS Spark, the Get it Scrapped ebooks, and the Daily Digi Playbooks) and create something.

  9. Catherine

    This one had me stumped – now I think I know. At the end of 2015, my kids will be 3.5 and 21 months old, so I’d like to get those baby memories captured. It’s tempting to focus on other things during my free time but I think I’ll like being able to revisit this time someday.


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