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On the last day of each month I’m sharing a personal recap that will also be included in my 2015 album.

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Around here I am finally starting to decorate our new house.

Around here I am also unsure if I actually know what I am doing.

Around here she is wanting me to lay down with her every night.

Around here he has been traveling for work a lot.

Around here we put a date day on the calendar, for March.

Around here I am investing time in creating new business systems.

Around here I am thrilled by all the excitement about my new class.

Around here I am listening to podcasts more and watching TV less.

Around here I am working towards an even-earlier wake up time.

Around here we are still loving meals from the crock pot.

Around here we are dreaming and scheming for the spring.

How did January treat you? I’d love it if you shared one highlight, challenge, or realization in the comments.

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  1. Melissa Gross

    Around here January was a very creative month filled with INSPIRATION – participated in Start Fresh; created 20 layouts, 2 canvases, 2 cards, and a tutorial video; taught a Valentine’s Day card class at our (not-so) LSS; worked on my digital workflow, organized memorabilia and scrapbook supplies, etc etc etc. 🙂

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Maybe that inspiration carry you into February and beyond Melissa! So awesome that you had a productive month.

  2. Pat

    My January has not been as creative as I had planned, but I am very pleased w/what I have accomplished. When the plan I for my Rt 66 album did not work out, I was able to do research & have another plan to try in Feb. Usually when I get stuck on a project, I have a hard time switching gears. But because of Fresh Start I had an agenda & was able to jump right in & still be productive. I put Thanksgiving & Christmas in pocket pages instead. Journaling for Thanksgiving done & Christmas is all most complete. Also have Feb planning pages ready to go in my planner. Uploading 334 photos to be printed while typing this. I AM pleased w/my month.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Pleased is the perfect place to be. You’ve made course corrections along the way, which will take you so far. It’s all about keeping things fun and letting go of the frustrations.

  3. Diane

    I think I’ve done pretty well, I visited my son for a week, got a new table/storage unit installed in my scrap room, and am half way through my Dec. Daily album! I opted to do the journalling and photo taking daily, and that’s it, during December so that I could enjoy the holidays as much as possible while they were happening. Now, I am working on the album. I have already had several requests to look through it when it’s done, by people looking over my shoulder at crops; so I think I must be doing something right!

  4. Keely

    Jennifer, I would love your podcast recommendations. I need something new to listen to while crafting. Thanks!!

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