Simple Tip Saturday with Jamie Leija

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As part of our Simple Tip Saturday series, we’re inviting fresh voices into the mix. Today we’re hearing from Simple Scrapper team member Jamie Leija with her simple tip.



What is one way you simplify scrapbooking?

If I’m on the hunt for crafty inspiration, I only look in three places:
  1. Pinterest-specifically my Layout, Crafts & Craft Inspiration boards
  2. BlogLovin-my blog reader
  3. Simple Scrapper-either looking back through old Spark mags or browsing the sketch and Story Starter archive.
 I choose to funnel lots of inspiration through narrower channels–such as Pinterest and my blog reader. I think it’s great that so many online galleries give you an option to save your favorite layouts, but it’s not the most efficient way to streamline your inspiration. I make sure to add anything I love directly to my Pinterest board (and many galleries provide a button for you to do just that). I feel the same about blog readers. I like having all of my creative/inspiration/scrapbook blogs in one central place. I’m not having to remember them all or look up bookmarks. And just as with the online galleries, if there’s a blog post I like and want to make note of, I add it to one of my Pinterest boards.

What problem does it solve for you?

This helps cut down time spent on my second favorite hobby (internet browsing) and instead, spend time doing my favorite hobby–scrapbooking.

Why do you think it works so well?

Since I’m only looking in these three very specific places, I’m not getting lost down an internet rabbit hole. It feels very focused and about 95% of the time, gives me exactly what I need.

How can others get started with it?

I would encourage you to get all of your inspiration into as few places as possible.
  • Sign up for Pinterest, if you haven’t already.
  • Search for Scrapbooking or Project Life Inspiration Boards (or whatever else floats your boat) and start pinning your favorites.
  • Utilize a blog reader. BlogLovin and Feedly are two I know of, although I’m sure there are others out there.
  • Refer back to the large archive of Simple Scrapper content. Jennifer has done a great job of compiling everything in a few spots in the membership area. If you’re in the mood to look at visual inspiration, start with Spark. Have some photos but don’t know what to do with them, browse the Sketches & Templates. Or, if you just are looking for ideas to make pages about, click through the Story Starters. There are 4 years worth of ideas there, that’s nearly 600 prompts to get you going.
Simple Tip Saturdays are for sharing easy ideas to grab and run.

Did you find this post helpful?

We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


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