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Before you start something new, how about taking some time to focus on what’s already begun?

My new workshop, The Finishing Project, begins this Thursday.

The Finishing Project begins March 5.

During the four weeks of this class – plus one bonus week of support and accountability – you will receive expert instruction, customizable tools, and intimate support to tackle your unfinished projects.

To celebrate this week’s kick off, I’m giving away 3 seats in class. Best of all, if you already signed up I’ll refund your payment! 

How to Enter

Leave a comment sharing the project you most want to finish. Three winners will be selected from eligible entries at 9am on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 and updated on this post.

Congratulations to…


#57… Teri Johnson, who said “Having read and carefully considered your posts on choosing projects I can finish, I would like–no, plan–to finish a mini album for each of my two grandsons. I plan to give them to the boys for Easter. Hopefully, that will put me on track to finish more of my planned but not executed projects.”

#80… Rosa, who said “Thanks for the chance to win. The project I most want to finish is “Before your Story” I know telling my story is important but I just keep making excuses about photos, or journaling, etc.”

#1… Laura, who said “I am focusing on my Me: The Abridged Version album from Cathy Zielske’s class last fall.”

Winners will be contacted directly with prize claim instructions.

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  1. Laura

    I am focusing on my Me: The Abridged Version album from Cathy Zielske’s class last fall.

  2. SaBineK.

    I mostly want to finish my travel album – started but not finished. The second will be my album as a hometown tourist. I`ve printed my photos but don´t put them together. It would be great to win the seat. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Mel H

    i would love to finish my wedding album before my 25th wedding Anniversary

  4. Elizabeth

    How exciting! The one project I would love to finish would be my travel series. It consist of all my travels from 1997-2013. I got all the pictures in albums, some embellishments, but I need to complete the journaling and a little more decorating. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  5. Jacqueline

    I would love to finish my Disney album. I have been working on it in small spurts for the last couple of years, but would love a push to get it finished.

  6. Lesley Sanders

    My MTAV album…have started this project twice now and still not completed one!

  7. Melissa

    I would love to finish my A-Z project that I started about four years ago. I have most of the material written, but I need to gather photos and finish the book. That would be lovely!

  8. Miriam

    I most want to finish my December Daily album … a combination from several years.

  9. Julie

    The project I would most like to finish is a collaborative family album for one of my relatives for a present.

  10. Gina

    Everything…no really I most want to finish my daughter’s elementary school album. She’s in 6th grade so I don’t feel TOO behind but on the other hand, I’ve only done Kindergarten. ugh.

  11. Jenny McGee

    I want to finish any of a number of classes I have started but not completed. One was a Christmas Duos class, a Heidi Swapp class, and many others. Thanks for a chance, this class sounds awesome.

  12. Angie

    I have three projects I want to finish, but I mainly want to finish last year’s December Daily album. I’m so close! But I just can’t get motivated to work on old projects.

  13. Kathleen S.

    I actually have a list! At the top is an album about my sister and me during our childhood. I’ve done a lot right, but . . it’s not done! I’d like to give it to her for her birthday in Sept. The journaling is the biggest hang up. And I changed the papers once. And I haven’t edited the photos, but do I need to? . . . well, that’s how it’s been going. Thursday can’t arrive too soon.

  14. Darlene Ragon

    I would like to finish my Project Life 2013 & 2014. Plus get the journaling done on the stack of layouts that only requires the story to be added. That woul be a miracle!

  15. Kristen L

    I have a whole list of projects to finish! The first, though, is my 2014 Project Life album. I would really like to get that project caught up!

  16. Lisa Zepponi

    your Class at BPC, “Me, Before You!” I have all the pics printed but i need to put it all together.

  17. Dianne D.

    I would like to finish scrapbooking my wedding and honeymoon from 40+ years ago, which I started working on last year.

  18. Karen

    I want to complete my Me the abridged version album, 95% of the writing is done. Have to tackle all the cards and photo selection. Am going this digitally.

  19. Carmelle Landreville

    I would love to finish my Before your story…. I have to place the photos,write some journaling…
    place the PL cards Inside with little decos.

  20. Laura S

    I need to finish my Disneyland album (made huge progress using the project life app and was going to work on the go, but hasn’t happened), and my and Italy study abroad album (it’s so close! But it’s been so long since I worked on it I’ve forgotten what my plans for the last few pages were).

  21. Helen

    I am keeping school albums for each of my boys. I have completed the first few years but I need to work on this school year and fill in some gaps from previous years. And I haven’t even started last years summer holiday album…. I need some motivation to get me going again. This class could be the answer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Anke (anke-art)

    Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I would love to finally finish my A-Z garland in my teaching room – every letter resembles an animal, but I didn’t get past the U… it’s been waiting for 7 years to be finished. Well, finishing this project would involve sorting through my huge paper stash so I find my templates…

  23. Roxane Farmer

    I want to finish our vacation album, I started it but then stopped to work on our Christmas album. The Christmas album is done! Thanks for a chance to win!

  24. Tanya Hughes

    Hello or should i say G’day from WA – I live in Perth Western Australia.
    I would love to win this giveaway…I have soooo many unfinished stories to tell about me, my husband and i and of course our two daughters…
    Thanks for all you do. Love it
    Tanya xxxx

  25. Nicky

    Hmm, oh to choose just one unfinished project from the many, many piles… I’ll pick my December Daily from this past year (then I can go back to the other years!)

  26. Gina

    So many projects, so little time. The one project I would like to complete is my daughter’s school pictures from K4 on until her senior year as she is graduating this June and I would like to have it on display for her graduation party.

  27. Sylvie

    I would like to finish my vacation to Cuba so I can start our cruise 🙂

  28. CarlaJ

    I want to get my beach vacation albums finished

  29. kim

    I want to finish smashbook and PL14 from groovebook pics

  30. Joanna

    I most want to finish my children’s baby books, so I can get on with current projects.

  31. Karyn Allen

    my cross country road trip album

  32. Julie

    I most want to finish my own birth thru 5 years album so my mom can help before she forgets as I don’t know everything obviously – but more than that I want to help her do her personal album thru high school

  33. Lisa Bowdon

    I would love to be able to finish my album of my husband and I and our 27 years together. I started it two years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer, but I haven’t touched it in the year since he has passed away. I want to finish it before my youngest goes to college this year. Thank you for this opportunity to do that for her.

  34. Sharon hunt

    I would ove to finish my boys’ school album. It’s the one album that I think they would most enjoy having when they grow up.
    (I don’t have a website, not sure why it’s required)

  35. Caroline Carnal

    I need to remove the wait of several CM albums by journaling. They are my daughter’s toddler albums and she’s now 17!!

  36. Sue Taylor

    I would love to start and finish last year’s Week in the Life; took all the photos and wrote notes at the time, but the album and kit are still sitting there unloved and unused!

  37. Mariangeles

    I’d love to finish my Xmas’12 album so I can move onto 2013 and last year’s albums 😀

  38. Beverley Leeson

    I would Really LIKE to Finish My 2nd last Grand Daughters Birth to 12 Month ALBUM. So I can get Started on the latest Little One who is Already Almost 3 Months Old. Thank You So Much for your Generousity Jennifer as Always…

  39. Heidi

    I want to finish my December Daily album from this year. I’m expecting a baby in May so I would love to have my DD done so I can focus on my baby boy.

  40. Judy Jackson

    I want to finish the scrapbook I have started giving the “core values” of my life. It will also share the important events, and the life changing things in my life.

  41. Rhonda H

    I want to finish my “Before Your Story” album. I have a great start, but it has holes, especially in the journaling. Then a family heritage album.

  42. Lynda

    I would love to started and finish me and my husband journey together 43 years!!

  43. Carol W.

    I would love to finish our family history album. I feel it’s important my kids know who their family was and where their ancestors came from. Thank you.

  44. Lynette

    I traveled to Ecuador in 2013 and met our sponsored child for the first time and took a ton of amazing pictures. I have an album about two thirds done and I’m going again this month! Would love to get that first one done!

  45. Sally

    I need to finish my December Daily album. I need to get a few photos edited and then finish up my journaling. Thanks!

  46. Tina Smedegaard

    I would like to finish my USA 2008 (family vacation) album, before I start working on another trip album.

  47. Ann Anderson

    I would like to finish writing down a comprehensive and extensive LIST of all the projects I have going ( and those still in my head of what I would like to accomplish) then learning how to prioritize, then, actually implementing the plan of action to “get er done!”

  48. Cathy

    I would like to finish BYS and Cathy Zielske’s A to Z, somehow incorporate them both.

  49. Melissa

    I would really like to finish my journaling in my 2012 and 2013 albums, I would also love to catch-up with my boys’ albums – I’m way behind!!

  50. TinaM

    I have at least two vacation albums I would love to finish.

  51. Sonja

    I would like to finish putting our pictures from 2004 in an album. It was a year of transition, moving from one house to another house in the same city. With the excitement and busyness of getting settled in, I didn’t go back to scrap what life was like. It’s not that I have scrapped all the years in-between here and there, but that year was special.

  52. Laura S.

    I want to finish my son’s baby book.

  53. Nicole Norman

    I am determined to finish my daughter’s baby album. She’ll be 13 months old this week and I want to get a digital photobook made of her first year. I started it months ago, but it’s so overwhelming!!

  54. Judie

    Your class sounds awesome Jennifer! I would love to finish the album I started making for our London, Scotland and Rome trips from three years ago. After that, I have a long list of projects that I would love to finish (Me: A to Z; One Little Word; 40 before 40; and the list goes on . . .)

  55. Tracie

    I would love to finish my “bearski album” for 2013. Bearski is the name of our cabin and each year I do a book with all of the photos taken while we’re there. I haven’t finished 2013 and haven’t even started 2014 yet.

  56. Shellie Glass

    I would really like to finish my Project Life 2014 album. I have the photos in the sheet protectors and most of the cards but I have a few months worth of journaling and embellishing to do. Okay… 6 months worth. 🙂

    I also have a few mini albums that are just sitting, photos printed, ready to go but I haven’t touched them in months.

  57. Teri Johnson

    Having read and carefully considered your posts on choosing projects I can finish, I would like–no, plan–to finish a mini album for each of my two grandsons. I plan to give them to the boys for Easter. Hopefully, that will put me on track to finish more of my planned but not executed projects.

  58. Tammy Davis

    I would like to finish (as much as possible) My History Project with Kerri Bradford. I really need to get those older pictures labeled before I am gone!

  59. Kim Bryan

    I have several projects that I have started and not finished. My top priority is my 2014 project life and finish my son’s life book about his adoption from Russia over 2 years ago as well as a annual book on him the past 2 years and his life with us. Procrastination and getting overwhelmed are my worst enemies in completing anything.

  60. Jennifer

    Gosh so many choices, I would say my Disney Album from last year’s trip. It would be so great to have that done. Thanks!

  61. Sarah

    I would like to finish my 2014 PL album. I struggle with my journaling and have many journaling cards that are empty in that album. Still need to develop many months(maybe 6-7 months) worth of pictures.

  62. Monica Jordan

    I would love to finish my This is Me album… I have all my pictures in order as well as what I have pick out to use in my album. I would love to finish this for my kids to look back on My life from the beginning to now.
    I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to finish this project.. I know your class will give me the push I need and I Thank you for that as well as a chance at this Fabulous giveaway!!

  63. Susan Stimson

    I intend to finish an album of all our wonderful dogs that we have had over the years. We just lost one early Sunday morning. I would like to document all of the wonderful things about each dog and how each added to our lives

  64. Vivian

    I wanted to finish my travel album from my trip last year and all my pending projects. I takes me forever to finish. Don’t know where to start again. Thanks for the chance.

  65. Renee T.

    Many years ago, I started doing scrapbooks for others on the side. I was not working at the time, and it was a way to bring in some extra income and also subsidize my beloved hobby. So much has changed in the industry during that time – primarily the migration to digital photos and photo books – which enabled most of my clients to create their own photo mementos. However, I still have two clients with me from the beginning who wish me to complete physical albums with printed photos for their children. I now work, and although I pledged to complete these albums, I told them I could not commit to any specific timeframe. That lack of commitment has allowed me to put off completing these projects indefinitely. They take up a huge amount of space in my craft room; I feel guilty about working on my own “stuff” when I should be working on theirs. I am not really enthused about completing these projects but did promise to do so, so I know I will feel a great sense of relief when they are done and I can move on. My time is very scarce, and this has turned my “hobby” into another “got to.” With a trip out of state and our son’s wedding coming up in the next two months, I am overwhelmed at how to start to finish, and fear I will be dealing with another summer of this hanging over my head. I would love some motivation to tackle this, once and for all! Thanks for the chance to win, Jennifer!

  66. Catharine

    Oh, what an opportunity!
    I am keen to finish my 2014 project life. We have been overseas for much of it and will return to Canada in a few months. I would live to finish it to remind myself of the adventures but also the obstacles overcome. Our growth as a family has been huge ( as it often is with every family!!)

  67. Angie O'Gorman

    I really need to finish both of my twin boys’ 1st year scrapbooks. They are 8 1/2 now so I’ve had plenty of time! And sadly, I don’t remember details for quality journaling anymore, so I need to get this done stat!

  68. Diane Hartmire

    I started a lovely postcard photo album over 10 years ago and haven’t gotten very far and would love to win a seat to figure out how to finish the many things I started and haven’t finishef yet.

  69. Sharon M

    If the criteria were the most unfinished projects, I would come out on top, no problem. There are so many projects in the fire; probably the one I would like most to finish is the story of my husband’s life, as he died nearly six years ago, relatively young.

  70. Teresa Victor

    Baby books for my girls…the years keep flying by and I don’t want these memories to fade any more than they already have! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Pat McCarthy

    I want to finish my 2014 scrapbook and I haven’t gotten very far on it. I was in a car accident in May and wasn’t able to do much for a couple of months. I was at my sister’s house and in and out of the hospital. However, I don’t have much excuse for not doing it the last sox months of the year.

  72. Suzanne

    I would love to finish my Disney Alaska album. I have everything to do it including the album.

  73. Bethany Rielage

    I most want to finish my Before Your Story album. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Melinda T

    I have a looong list of unfinished projects! I’d love to finally finish up my 9 year old’s baby book!

  75. Heatheranne

    My son’s wedding album – they’ve been married more than 3 years now.

  76. Tammy

    Oh, so many projects to finish!! My kids’ albums from 2002 to present, big trips with my daughter in 2005, 2006 & 2007, my daughter’s sweet 16 from 2009 and her wedding in January!
    The one I would really love to focus on completing is the Sweet 16!
    Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  77. Anita

    I would like to finish an album for an elderly friend that received a special community recognition last fall. I took lots of pictures on that special day.

  78. Marilyn Pod

    I want to finish my sons school album that I took apart and never quite finished getting it back together. It was the first album I ever did in 1999 with glue, no page protectors, etc .

  79. monica matak evans

    Thanks Jennifer, I have a few to choose from but I would love to finish my Me the abridged version album.

  80. Rosa

    Thanks for the chance to win. The project I most want to finish is “Before your Story” I know telling my story is important but I just keep making excuses about photos, or journaling, etc.

  81. Michelle McGhee

    Thank you for offering a chance to win! The project that I am most wanting to finish is “Family” I am telling the story of our family in a scrapbook for my mother.

  82. Sylvia

    My husband and I are about to take a trip for a special anniversary. I would love to know how to plan ahead in order to be able to return and put together an album that would remind us of all the great things we share. I do have many unfinished projects just like all the others so would love to learn how to declare them finished as well.

  83. Anna

    I would like to finish our vacation 2014 album.

  84. Jane

    Truly Jennifer, I have so many UFO’s I could start my own alien invasion and I desperately want to finish them all but I’d settle for finishing just one of them, ANY one of them!

  85. Paivi

    My very first scrapbooking album from year 2009 or something! It iis a spiral bound with black pages and the theme is my first dog. I lost her many years ago. It would be great to finally finish the album that started this dear hobby!

  86. Lucie Hale

    I have 2 projects in mid progress: one is a trip to Gettysburg with out very best friends from Maine, and the other is a trip to Cabo San Lucas that I took this January. Both are light on the photos cuz I was busy making the memories instead of shooting pics. But both were fun and deserved to be finished!

  87. Alicia McMahon

    Yellowstone vacation album from . . . egads!, 2002.

  88. Jerri

    So many projects to choose from! If I have to pick one, I’d say the oldest one. My son’s first year album. He’s 9 now.

  89. AnitaP

    I’d love to finish my 2014 December Daily album. 🙂

  90. joan

    How amazing it would be to have help and impetus to finally finish my daughters early childhood album. After all, she’s only 22 years old! It’s not like I’ve procrastinated at all, right?

  91. Marygail

    I have to finish my son’s baby album. He turns 9 this year. I have so many other unfinished projects. I put myself on a spending freeze this month but I would so love to win a spot. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  92. Linda Huber

    I started an album for my husband of his first grandchild who lives across the country from us. I gave it to him on Father’s Day last year, with a promise to keep adding to it. Well, the album stopped at three months old and the baby’s now 9 months old. I’ve got some catching up to do and a promise to keep!

  93. Sara B

    My Project Life album for 2014. Not having it finished means I am not enthusiastic about taking photos for this year.

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  94. Emily Adams

    I want to (start and) finish a Disney album!

  95. Scrappyjen

    Oh Gosh, just one… That’s so hard. I’ve got unfinished December Daily’s, wedding and baby albums and even a few minis that need some attention, but the one burning a hole in my unfinished list, is the one that started it all – an album of my exchange year in America, my first, my most epic and my most loved album. My reasoning is threefold:

    1. It’s been 14 years and it’s still not done.

    2. I love using up older stash and since all that stuff was new when I started this project, it’s the perfect excuse to really use it all up.

    3. It’s been 14 years and I still love this epic album just as much as when I started.

  96. Laura

    I really want to finish my 2013 December daily album – thanks for offering a chance to win a seat in the class!

  97. Kathleen Brown

    I’d like to finish an All About Me album I started eons ago and a Disney Mini Album.

  98. Elizabeth Simpson

    Oh my goodness – how to choose just one project I’d like to finish! I guess I would say my daughter’s Webkinz album. I was doing really well for a while (picked out papers, embellishments, matched up photos, made journaling notes), and then just stopped for some reason. She’s now no longer into Webkinz like she was, so this is definitely an album that I want to finish as it documents a time in her life that I want to remember, and for her to have something to keep from that time.

  99. karen keiper

    I would love to finish my childrens baby albums.

  100. Crescendo L.

    I most want to finish baby books for all of my children. I have 4 adult children and my husband and I adopted 7 children a few years ago. I have such a hard time getting started and deciding which albums to work on first. I find myself just giving up when I really need to focus and get them done. It is such a daunting task.

  101. BarbaraS

    My husband and I have posed for a photo at my in-laws’ house…sitting in the same chair…
    by the Christmas tree…every year since we were newlyweds…which makes 27 Christmases now. We’ve added four sons during those years, and they also pose for the picture with us. It has become a wonderful tradition. Several years ago, I started an album just for these photos. I’d love to catch this up!

  102. Betsy K.

    There are too many to count. I am great at starting and I excel at distractions. I would live the feeling of accomplishing one month of my granddaughter’s activities.

  103. Kathleen

    In 2012, I took a photo a day with the plan to do a small scale layout for each one (yes, 365 mini layouts… I’m clearly insane). I’m actually only about 30 pages from completing it fully! I’d love to crank it out and be done.

  104. Casey

    I am looking forward to finishing my “Me Before You” album combined with my “Treasures: album. Both are from classes I took and loved. These 2 topics fit well together and I would love to complete them. Also, I am looking forward to having a template that I can use to help me finish other albums and projects. The Finishing Project is a great idea. I am ready to begin!!

  105. amee

    so many things to finish! the most doable one would be a Christmas mini-album that i have pics/paper/album gathered and ready waiting for some magic to happen!

  106. Gab

    I’d really love to finish my “our home” mini album

  107. Sherri

    I’d love to complete my daughter’s cheer album, she is in her first year of college and I’d love to get that off my to do list and off my scrap-booking table. It’s near complete but there are just so many details of recording the scores, dates and places, and sooo many pictures to filter through. If I can get that done I can comfortably start her college album and hopefully keep up with it so it’s done at the same time she graduates, wouldn’t that be great!

  108. Rashanda

    I’d most like to complete my sons’ baby books. They are 2.5 yrs old.

  109. Laura

    Thank you Jennifer for a seat in this class! I am very excited for it to start on Thursday!


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