Simplify Project Life Using the Collect App with Mandy Elliott

Amy Melniczenko

March 28, 2015

As part of our Simple Tip Saturday series, we’re inviting fresh voices into the mix. Today we’re hearing from Mandy Elliott with her simple tip.

Simplify Project Life Using the Collect App with Mandy Elliott

What is one way you simplify scrapbooking?

By using the Collect App. I began using the Collect App and my iPhone last year to collect, document, and print photos for my Project Life scrapbook albums. Collect gives me a daily reminder to add my photos, allows me to create a few sentences to journal, it automatically adds the date, and makes printing 3×4’s or 4×6’s an absolute breeze. Once my photos have been printed, I slip them into my Project Life album and I’m done!

What problem does it solve for you?

It dates my photos for me. I’m a little obsessive about keeping my albums chronological. By using the Collect App, it auto-dates every single photo for me so I don’t have to keep up with it. I love it.

Why do you think it works so well?

Because I can access the app anywhere, anytime using my iPhone which is always close by. I take advantage of car rides (when my hubby is driving, of course), sitting in line somewhere, and a few moments right before bedtime to add the photos from each day, make a few notes in the app, and then they are saved and ready to print when I’m need them.

How can others get started with it?

You can visit their website at and download the app! I am certain you will enjoy it! (Note: I am not a paid promoter of this company. I simply love the app and wanted to share about how much it helps me).

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