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Did you know that I’ve written more than 1500 posts here since the fall of 2008? I’m kind of flabbergasted myself when I think about it. I blogged daily for many of the early years. Then as online content creation and consumption shifted, I did too.

However, it may seem that I’ve been even quieter than normal here on the blog. That’s because I’ve been re-building a lot of the infrastructure for Simple Scrapper over the past few months. Things had gotten a little creaky and I needed to get some new tools in place that could support this community’s growth – and help me maintain sanity.

During March my students in The Finishing Project kicked the tires on a new classroom/membership site and this weekend the members officially moved in. The next phase involves cleaning up this main site and giving the blog a more mobile-friendly look and feel. It’s going to be great!

For the most part, you should see little to no construction “dust” but the membership is currently closed to new members. All that said, our monthly calendar looks just as full as ever. Here’s what’s coming up:

April 7 – Story Starter™ Challenge posted
Create a layout on this month’s storytelling theme (sneak peek: In Good Faith) for a chance to win 3 months of membership at Simple Scrapper.

April 10 – Simplicity Hour chat at 8:30pm CT
Enjoy your hobby more when you join a group of like-minded memory keepers for an hour of casual conversation fostering connection, inspiration, and forward movement.

April 14 – Start of new blog series on photo management
I’m working on a new series of posts that share how I manage my library of images as well as my best advice on making that shift from photo chaos to photo peace.

April 21 – Free Sketch & Template posted
Every month in 2015 I’m sharing a free sketch and companion layered template from our membership archives. This is a great way to taste just one of the features of being a member at Simple Scrapper.

May 11 – Photo Crush begins
That new blog series is all leading up to a new FREE event I’m hosting in May. Photo Crush is a 7-day challenge to help you create a photo library you love.

I also want to acknowledge this month’s contributors to our membership collection of sketches and templates:

Shine by Rut Cabrera

Layout by Rut Cabrera

This Right Here by Jenni Calma

This Month at Simple Scrapper

And there’s two from me…



Our team did some amazing page this month with the collection and with our new set of Story Starters. You’ll be able to see a taste of their work on Facebook and Instagram as well as every example in the membership.

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We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.



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