How to Have a Creative Summer

Jennifer Wilson

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June 7, 2015

What if staying on track this summer was easy and fun?

Summer is here and you’re ready to feel the grass between your toes and the breeze on your face. You’re ready to soak up every ounce of sunshine and to finally get a break. You’re ready to feel like a kid again.

You are ready.

But summer also comes with shake-ups in schedules and even more demands on your time. The call of big adventures, long weekends, and warm nights pulls you away from your comfort zone of routine.

Creativity can easily get pushed aside, even though it’s important and enjoyable to you. Somehow it’s harder to sit down and just focus.


There are three approaches I use year-after-year to relax and stay creative all summer long.

1. Slow it down. You don’t have to do all.the.projects this summer. Focus on capturing your adventures, but work on projects that feel easy and fun. Unless you’re a teacher and summer is your time, it’s probably not the season to begin a huge endeavor or set ultra-ambitious goals.

2. Consume mindfully. With more time away from your favorite creative workspace – whether that’s a craft room or a computer – your bonus activities may need pruning as well. Think about the resources that fill you up consistently and turn to those when you need a lift instead of less-purposeful scrolling and clicking.

3. Set intentions. Once you identify a small number of must-do creative activities, write them down. Being super clear about what you want to achieve and placing those words in front of you makes it a million times more likely for you to follow through. Setting intentions doesn’t require anything fancy.

Breathe in and take a moment to imagine. What if you could…

  • have a simple, doable plan for summer memory keeping,
  • not worry about current projects being forgotten,
  • get more of your summer memories documented, and
  • be more prepared to accomplish your goals in the fall?

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