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Why It’s Great to Have a Small Workspace with Wendi Robinson

Amy Melniczenko

August 15, 2015

As part of our Simple Tip Saturday series, we’re inviting fresh voices into the mix. Today we’re hearing from Wendi Robinson with her simple tip.


What is one way you simplify scrapbooking?

I’ve gone from having a large scrapbook space to having a smaller, modified space. The key to this is that I keep everything that I need to make a layout at arms length, so I’m not wasting time looking for items, or going through tons of items to find what I’m looking for. I bought an old sewing desk at a garage sale for $10.00 and it has lots of drawers that I keep all my favorite items in, so I don’t have to get up in the middle of making a page. In addition, I no longer work on my scrapbook pages in the same space as my computer, it’s kept in the other room.

What problem does it solve for you?

By keeping my computer out of my scrap area, I keep off of the computer and actually work. By having all my items near me, I can keep working and know what items are stored where and grab them as they are needed. I also keep a tote with all my scrapbook essentials (adhesive, tools, pens, inks, etc) on my desk so I have everything I need within reach.

Why do you think it works so well?

This helps me keep the flow of the page and creativity going, instead of breaking it up and losing my train of thought. I felt like before, when I would get up and walk to go find something, I would take a longer break or I would get sidetracked. I like being able to focus on my layout, start to finish, and keep my creative juices flowing.

How can others get started with it?

Find a great desk or some sort of organizational storage item that has lots of drawers. Label where things are so you can find what you are looking for quickly. Keep your most used items nearest you so that you can find them quickly when you need them. I also recommend keeping new embellishments on top of your desk so that you will see them and remember to add them to your projects.

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  1. Ange

    Love your page Wendi! Totally cute!!
    Some really great tips there, thanks.


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