Will Anyone Really Care About Your Story?

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Engagement, marriage, birth of a child, buying a house, starting school—those big milestones in family life are often the catalyst for creating your first scrapbook. They are natural entry points into a hobby that helps you document just about anything.

However, because memory keeping tends to focus around families and children (though of course it doesn’t have to), our own personal histories can get pushed to the back burner. It might even feel like, in scrapbooking and in life, that no one really cares about your story. So why should you bother scrapbooking it?

Will Anyone Really Care About Your Story?

5 Reasons to Scrapbook Your Story

1. You are the #1 authority on the subject. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say in your scrapbook journaling, especially when the story is about someone else. However when you scrapbook about a subject you know intimately well, storytelling can feel easier and more natural.

2. It offers connection to your best self. When you reflect on the past you are often reminded of the things that make you, you. Capturing those stories, big and small, can help you feel more confident and clear about what drives you and what’s really important.

3. Your perspective is unique and valuable. Your family’s story will be richer and more detailed with the insights only you can offer. Sharing your personal experience and wisdom adds to the entire tapestry of your family’s story, creating a more complete picture of the past.

4. Your children will likely care… eventually. During the child-raising years, a family’s energy is naturally focused on the kids. However, those little ones will keep growing and will start wanting to understand their family’s history. What seems overlooked now may become a treasured possession in future decades.

5. You care. The creative aspects of scrapbooking are predominantly for ourselves, a deliberate act of self-care. Even if others have trouble appreciating your efforts, documenting your own story creates a tangible record you can use to not only celebrate your life, but reflect on your experiences and feel gratitude for your blessings.

All that said, we’re already making progress as a community. The advent of selfies, Project Life, and memes like Kristin Tweedale’s #Thursday3 have helped remind us to get in the picture and celebrate our lens on the world.

We’re doing better than ever at documenting ourselves today, but there’s a big piece of the puzzle missing: our growing up stories. Most of our moms were not scrapbookers. Maybe we have boxes or albums of photos, but there’s often little written documentation of those milestones we document for our own families.

I’m trying to change that, one scrapbooker (and her story) at a time. Before Your Story, a 6-week album workshop to document your life before kids, returns this September 17. Registration opens soon.

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  1. Georgia

    I have a 32 year old daughter. Even though she has never gotten “into” scrapbooking, she still enjoys seeing our memories in scrapbook form. Recently she and 2 of her friends dropped by on our moving day. The albums were still out on a side table waiting to be put away. They got into them and looked and laughed while she shared memories for more than an hour. It made it all worthwhile. One thing I noticed…Not once did they say “cool layout” or “nice stickers.” It was all about the photos and the journaling. I have been planning to change my focus back to the basics. This experience sealed the deal.

  2. Georgia

    PS. and yes she enjoys “My story” and her Dad’s story just as much.

    • Christine George

      What a great story Georgia!

  3. Gab

    Great post – thanks Jennifer
    And Georgia -that is so great!

  4. Mindy Hamel

    This was easily the best scrapbooking project class I have ever taken!! I haven’t finished my project but I continue to collect stories and ideas that I want to include in my Before Your Story scrapbook and get SO excited about continuing the process every time it comes to mind!



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