This is Why You Feel Like There’s No Time to Scrapbook

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I hear it again and again. You don’t have time to scrapbook.

I hear it from our most eager and active members. I hear it from friends who used to be scrapbookers, but aren’t anymore. I even hear it from myself because sometimes I spend more time writing about our hobby than actually doing it.

And how many times have you happened to carve out the time, but your motivation to do anything at all just isn’t there? On how many scrapbooking dates have you stood yourself up?

In this day and age, even amidst the books and blogs we are reading on slowing down, feeling more abundant, and finding creative magic, our connection to scrapbooking is often dictated by a rapidly-ticking clock. We feel like it must be squeezed in after everything else.

I see a path out of this ongoing frustration.

What if we stopped treating scrapbooking as a hobby, an add-on to an already jam-packed life, and started living in a way the better integrates memory-making and memory-keeping?

Unlike any other craft, leisure activity, or self-care practice, scrapbooking is uniquely intertwined with everyday life. It is the metadata of our living. So why then do we marginalize it to the pockets of time when no one else needs us and we’re on-empty?

Scrapbooks are the metadata of life.

Just like we do with birthdays, soccer games, and family vacations, if something is important you write it down. You put it on your calendar. You know what the priorities are and what you’ll do next.

Where does scrapbooking fit on your calendar?

Over the past two years we’ve seen a resurgence in the use of planners as part of a creative lifestyle. In 2015 it has just exploded, with classes and kits available for decorating our calendars.

In tandem, those who are ardently all-digital have become more devoted to and dependent on their mobile devices and apps like Asana and Evernote to keep track of everything.

I believe we can use that momentum—in both the tangible and digital directions—to nurture this memory keeping lifestyle. We can add time for scrapbooking to our calendar and like we do with everything else in life, determine what’s a priority and what can wait until later.

It’s not about taking all the fun out of our hobby, but on the contrary, getting our hobby out of our heads and into our date books. We can use the same skills we employ as managers-in-life to finally feel like there’s time to scrapbook the memories we hold dear.

The tool I’ve created to support this journey is the Simple Scrapper Planner. When you use a planner that’s just as much for the rest of life as it is for your hobby, you’ll be able to stay motivated—and be more punctual for those hot scrapbooking dates with yourself.

Time is running out to receive our special launch pricing on the new 2016 Simple Scrapper Planner. If you’re ready to make more time for the hobby you love, the planner can help.

Did you find this post helpful?

We believe simple is not how your page looks, but how your scrapbooking hobby works. We have a free workshop called SPARKED and it is the best way to learn more about Simple Scrapper and start creating consistently.


  1. Honoré

    Love the new planner, especially with all the varying size options from which to choose! Magnificent job! My pages are printed and ready to insert … Best move I am taking: scheduling time, written down on my calendar and daily “action” list.
    Many thanks!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thank you for the endorsement Honoré!

  2. Kelly Jean

    I have my Start Fresh planner that I am still working through and it has helped so much already!

  3. Kathleen S

    I’ve downloaded the planner, not printed yet but I did browse through the categories. I love the options! It’s a wonderful way to make it your very own planner!

    I do make time to scrap., albeit digitally. I find it relaxing at the end of the day, or at the odd moment, to start on a page. Doesn’t have to be finished, I just enjoy working with the photos and paper, get an idea down, maybe jot down a few notes on the memory or subject.

    I also give LO’s to family at Christmas, which means I am often working on pages toward that end. And getting my Christmas ‘shopping’ done. A two-fer!

    I still miss paper scrapping, and am trying to work that back into my time frame.That’s one of my goals this year.

    Thanks for all you help, Jennifer!

  4. Nancy Peralta

    I need some ideas for making a Family Reunion Album

    • Jennifer Wilson

      A Project Life mini book might be a good format, especially if you’re going to have people contribute at the reunion.

  5. Cheri Mandaquit

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’ve downloaded and printed the planner and got a cute binder to put everything together. It’s even tabbed! I enjoyed your blog about time for scrapbooking and I agree. It’s part of our life. Every time the grandkids come over they want to look through one of the scrapbooks I’ve done. That’s the reward for keeping on. I appreciate your input, ideas and encouragement. Yay!
    With aloha,

  6. Gab

    This is such a great post and so true Jennifer! I just need to find a cute cover for my planner now! i have my Start Fresh one in a blue plastic folder which is OK, but I’d like to find another one!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      What size are you looking for Gab?

  7. KatieK.

    Love the lemon twist you made!! So true re: scrapbooking/memory keeping.
    I have used a daily planner for decades and I find it relieves me of stress and worry regarding my ‘memory keeping’. My planner keeps my memories safe and written down – easy to access when I want or need to for my albums and photos. Especially now when my time is focused on caregiving. My available time is limited but my appreciation for ‘remembering’ is enhanced.

    From a practical place – My family finds my planner writing helpful – we had to look up son’s vaccination timeline and he just went to my pile of planners to look it up.

    I would love suggestions from you and others for brands of paper to use. I use planner paper from Staples arc system as well as Levenger’s Circa products and the paper weight and smoothness is just great. When I print out the additional sheets from Simple Scrapper Planner I want the paper sheets to have a similar feel. Any ideas? What paper do you use Jennifer?


    • Jennifer Wilson

      I’m using this 32 lb Hammermill paper in my laser printer:

      It’s super smooth!

      What you want to look for is 28 lb or higher and 98 bright or higher, and make sure it’s for your printer (laser vs. inkjet).

      • KatieK.


  8. Charlene

    Where can I get 2016 planner. It has been an awesome tool.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Charlene, as a member you have access to the planner inside of the members area. Please contact if you need any assistance.


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