To the Mom Who Can’t Find Time to Scrapbook

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To the Mom Who Can’t Find Time to Scrapbook,

I see you getting up early to make sure everyone gets out the door in one piece, calling coffee your first meal of the day.

I see you with the baskets of laundry to fold, feeling half-accomplished that you got it washed, yet frustrated by all those wrinkles.

I see you patiently tucking in your little one and her stuffed animals, staying longer than you’d like because she wants you to.

As you close her door ever-so-quietly, I see you briefly glance towards your craft room and wish you had the energy to go in.

This season of life is full, there is no doubt. Your energy is invested in raising your family and there seems to be not much left for you.

This season of life is full, there is no doubt. Your energy is invested in raising your family and there seems to be not much left for you.

You wouldn’t change a thing, yet you long to feel more nourished, more inspired.

You recognize the incredible village you have, yet you’re a little embarrassed that life still feels a bit lonely.

I see your pride with each photo taken.

I see you sharing your heart on Facebook.

I see you celebrating everyday life on Instagram.

I see you scheming and dreaming on Pinterest.

I see your eagerness each time you sign up for a class.

I see your joy for crafting as you purchase new supplies.

Yet, I don’t see you creating very much.

To the Mom Who Can't Find Time to Scrapbook

When you have the time, you’re too tired or too frustrated.

When you have the inspiration, you’re “supposed” to be doing something else.

I see you running yourself ragged, taking care of everything and everyone but you.

But, this isn’t a surprise. You know you’re supposed to be taking care of yourself.

I see you reading articles about morning routines.

I see you trying the Whole30.

I see you going to bed earlier.

You’re on the cusp. You’re ready.

You’re ready to feel in control, full of energy for doing more than just getting by.

You’re ready to stop feeling guilty about spending time scrapbooking.

You’re ready to fill your well by confidently creating more.

You’re ready to make new friends who know your real-life struggles and share your biggest dreams.

You’re ready to accept permission to take time for you, because I know it makes you a better mom for me.


Your Little One

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  1. Sherrie

    This has been me all year. So unlike previous years. Thank you. I’m shedding some tears reading this beautiful letter. Xx

  2. Kim

    I will be looking you up in two years when my youngest heads to college. I am old school and me time and date nights are silly. I took on the task of raising my kids 18 years ago. My husband and I prayed that if God would bless us with kids we would do whatever he asked of us to be present to raise them. He blessed us twice (after I was told I would never conceive). He has provided employment for my husband so I could afford to stay home. For now I will be content to live in my “I’m not Martha Stewart” messy house and just enjoy every second of my childrens’ back to back senior years. I will continue to take photos, and lots of them, save them on my computer, phones, and separate hard drive. Then when I feel I can step back a bit from the day to day of being a Mom I will gladly enter the next phase of my life and create lovely scrapbooks. Then I won’t feel rushed and they will be exaclty the way I want them to be. You just can’t be creative when exhausted and your kids think your supplies are more arts and crafts stuff for them. Doesn’t work. It is okay to lose your identify while you are a hands on Mom. It is supposed to work that way. She will still be there when you are ready to find her again.

    • Donna C

      I am basically an empty nester now (my youngest just graduated college in June, so he’s still home, but not for long).
      I worked as RN for 12 years and they stayed home to finish raising my 3 children. I’ve relished the gift of that, but I have to say that it’s been really difficult letting go as I shared your philosophy in many ways. I’m working to accept that I am more than my identity of being a mother. To only identify as such has not been healthy for me. I know you aren’t me, and it may be different for you…I hope it is. ????

  3. Carmelle Landreville

    Since I finish to do all the work outside around my house, put away the flowers pots, put up the two tempos for the winter and get out the winter clothes; Now I’m glad to sit down and I start to prepare my photos for my second album, that one is for my daughter, baby book and also grad and activities. My grand kids are gone for their University so I’m suppose to be able to scrapbook more this year.
    Good luck; to the others ladies that have to do the work I did for my daughter and the three grand kids. I understard all of you but keep a little bit of time to yourself, you deserve it…

  4. Danielle

    Wow, Kim, I admire the way you can look at it that way! I am going to think about what you write to see if this may be the way I can look at it and give myself more peace (and so my children (-: )

  5. Nicole Hankosky

    Yep… all the way. Been thinking about how to get back in the groove a LONG time now. Made some crafts with my friend the other day and it felt GOOD. Maybe the best way to kick this thing in the butt is to JUST DO IT already! Yay. Plan made, encouragement in place, now…….GO!

  6. Kathleen P.

    We each do life our own way. I have enjoyed having things that I do for me as I have raised my daughter (with my husband). I never want my daughter to think she couldn’t have more to her life than children, and I am of course her first example. My hobbies bring me joy. I might not get to them each day or each week, but life is about finding balance. Some years it’s more difficult than others, especially when you have small children. Don’t give up. They grow quickly and the friends and relationships we make outside our children become even important as our children need us less and leave the nest.

  7. Danielle K.

    Thinking about it this week, gave me the insight that being creative always has been part of me, so I will never be able to give up that for a longer period of time. Whether it will be in scrapbooking or being creative in the way I raise my children, or being creative in finding time for myself (-:

  8. Kendra

    OMG. It’s like you were looking in my windows….like you were me. This is EXACTLY how I feel on almost a daily basis! I want to….it’s just the getting there that is the hard part. There is a sentiment in one of the previews that resonates with me…….just show up and do something. Goal now is to make a weekly “date” with myself ….and stick to it! Very insightful article. thank you


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