What Your 6 Favorite Layouts Say About You

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We live in a world with no shortage of ideas on any topic, let alone scrapbooking. This creates a unique challenge for modern crafters seeking fresh insight, as it is difficult to moderate time spent in search mode. (Even scientists now confirm that viewing images on social platforms such as Facebook alters your perception of time!)

Fortunately you can leverage you own body of work to feel more inspired and learn about your creative process. This quiet process of reaching inward, rather than constantly scrolling, can serve as personal guide to what makes your hobby uniquely you.

The insight gleaned from your six favorite layouts can boost your creative confidence by helping you do more of what works.

In this post I’m sharing a simple invitation to explore a series of completed pages. The insight gleaned from your six favorite layouts can boost your creative confidence by helping you do more of what works. Plus, I’ve got a free printable worksheet for you:

What do your layouts say about you?

Discover the secrets hiding in your scrapbooks that can make your creative process easier and more fun.

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1. A layout that shows how far you’ve come.

This layout offers insight on how your process – and your life – have changed over time.

When I transitioned from digital to paper scrapbooking after my daughter was born, I was focused on fitting the pieces together like a puzzle. Today I see my layouts in layers, focusing first on the foundation of what’s most important and building up from there.

What Your 6 Favorite Layouts Say About You

2. A layout that you’re incredibly proud of.

This layout offers insight on why you’re a scrapbooker, often highlighting the balance between creative expression and personal storytelling that fits you best.

I have been very open that becoming a mother changed my perspective on scrapbooking. I create to help my daughter know and understand the context of her life, particularly the immense value she has to offer the world.

What Your 6 Favorite Layouts Say About You

3. A layout that you truly enjoyed creating.

This layout offers insight on the techniques and supplies that most naturally fit your personality.

The pages that feel more effortless usually begin with an artistic, abstract background. I believe starting with paints and inks helps to loosen up my perfectionism, allowing me to focus on telling the story and enjoying the process.

What Your 6 Favorite Layouts Say About You

4. A layout that exemplifies your style.

This layout offers insight on the stylistic nuances you can repeat again and again to create authentically.

My scrapbooking almost always begins with a piece of white cardstock. I enjoy layering various patterns in muted, tertiary colors to create a base for my photos and a starting point for embellishment. I love using letter stickers, word art (stickers and stamps), and tiny shapes to add creative detail. Drawn-in lines give me confidence to hand write my journaling.

What Your 6 Favorite Layouts Say About You

5. A layout that deeply touches your heart.

This layout offers insight on the stories and storytelling approaches that are most important to you.

Even with just a small paragraph of journaling, it’s important to me to capture not just the facts but also the larger context of feelings and interrelated memories. I take each layout as an opportunity to share more of the story.

What Your 6 Favorite Layouts Say About You

6. A layout you love to look at.

This layout offers insight on the deeper yearnings of your heart, beyond the reach of your brain’s ability to analyze and decipher.

As a left-brained/INTJ creative, my brain is always trying to assemble the puzzles of life. This layout celebrates a small moment, but more importantly underscores my ongoing need to create in all domains.

What Your 6 Favorite Layouts Say About You

This activity can take as little as 20 minutes to complete.

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  1. Jessica

    Love this! Tx Ü!

  2. Phyllis Salesman

    It woud be impossible for me to pick just six layouts of the 100’s completed as favorites — and every layout fits in at least three (3) most in five (5) and many in all six (6) category’s.

    So my question is What does this say about me ? I am not trying to be a smart-pants mouth. I am really serious about this question.

    Thank you for a response.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I suggest choosing from layouts creating in the last 6 months to a year as well as just choosing the first that comes to mind. What you’re looking for are trends, so having more in mind actually helps.

  3. Jennie

    Great post! It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at old layouts. Now I’m inspired to get those albums out! Thanks for sharing your favorites and your thoughts 🙂

    • Teaching Assistant - Kim Edsen

      Jennie, isn’t that so often the case?! I know I rarely go back to look at my old layouts, which is silly, because I always have such fun when I do! Enjoy strolling down memory lane!


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