How to Make a Scrapbook Kit

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Nearly all of my scrapbook pages begin with a micro kit, a small collection of supplies specifically plucked for the story I want to tell. Every micro kit begins with my selected photos and in this video I’m sharing exactly what I include in each.

I like to keep no more than 2-3 kits handy, so I always have a place to start but these collections never become something else to manage.

Please consider my formula creating your own scrapbook kit just a starting point for customization. Here’s a list of the items I recommended in the video:

  • photo(s)
  • memorabilia
  • 1 sheet of cardstock
  • 3-5 sheets of patterned paper

If you enjoy using sketches to inspire the composition of your layout, you can include a chosen sketch (or two) with your kit. The intent is to gather exactly what you need to hit the ground running the next time you sit down to scrapbook.

I’ve been creating micro kits for many years now. Here are links to posts related to this topic:

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In the comments below or on YouTube, I’d love to hear what items are essential in your micro kits.


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