I take photos to remember life’s best moments and to honor those that will be etched into my memory forever. On days like today I am reminded of the deep significance of pictures and feel so grateful for my own library.
Over the past eight years I’ve used Adobe Lightroom to keep my digital photos safe and organized. It’s the heart of my memory keeping process and a tool that keeps scrapbooking easy and fun.
I’m by no means perfectly organized, but I’ve created a simple workflow that combines the convenience of my phone and the power of my computer. And in today’s new video, I’m explaining the entire system from start to finish!

Whet​​​​​​​her Lightroom is the tool for you or not, I hope this series helps nudge you forward in giving your photos the love they deserve!

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  1. Diane Payne

    Thank you so much for this video. It was so helpful getting my phone set up to to auto import in Lightroom CC to Lightroom Classic. One thing I noticed is that upon import to Lightroom Classic there was not a drive named after my phone. I’m on iPhone X. I set up a folder labeled inbox for the photos to go to so I could sort from there into my chronological folders, however it is placing the photos under both 2018 and my inbox folder. Any ideas what setting I have wrong? I would rather sort using metadata like you show in the video and dragging to the Month/Year folder.

    • Diane Payne

      Nevermind…I figured it out! I am so happy to have this automation set up. Thanks again for the excellent tutorial!

      • Teaching Assistant - Kim Edsen

        Diane, so glad you were able to work it out and found the tutorial helpful!


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