Atomic Habits by James Clear

Jennifer Wilson

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January 3, 2019

This month the Simple Scrapper Book Club is reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. You’re invited to kick off 2019 with upgraded habit-building skills to set yourself up for a year of creative productivity and living well.

New to the Book Club?

Each month we read a non-fiction selection and have a conversation connecting the ideas to scrapbooking. Discussion guides are free for all and posted on the 1st of each month. Monthly chats take place in our member community, generally on the last Thursday of the month.

If you enjoy books about self-improvement, creativity, happiness, and storytelling, this is the club for you. Because the chosen books are non-fiction, there are no spoilers. That means you are welcomed and encouraged to participate whether or not you finished (or even started) the book. The intent is to share ideas at the intersection of intentional living and scrapbooking.

Our fundamental question for the book club is:

What can we take away that would add more joy or ease to memory keeping?

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2020 Book Club Selections

If you enjoy books about self-improvement, creativity, happiness, storytelling, this is the club for you.


  1. Lolis Flores

    Wow! What a perfect way to start the new year! I got the book and downloaded the discussion guide, thank you! Super-excited to get started!

  2. Pat Moore

    Have read a couple of chapters. Very easy read & simple, but powerful suggestions.


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