SYW009 – Creative Accountability

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How is it that some scrapbookers can enjoy this hobby so much, yet have trouble finishing (or even starting) projects? Often it all comes down to personality. In this episode Kim Edsen and I will explore how to use Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies framework to devise accountability strategies that really work.

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  1. Ann

    This was awesome. I will definitely listen again and take notes. One thing for myself was I was getting caught up in the list of things and trying be overly organized to work on pages. I would have containers and such thinking if everything was in one place I would get the project done eventually. I have learned, this does not work because I would be overwhelmed having so many projects going at once, nothing was getting done. Also I had all these containers and no place to store them so they just piled up.
    So now what I do, is I have four trays (old PL page protector boxes) with one project in each box. I go through my stash, grab what I think I will use, put it in the tray, print the photos, journaling and anything else I think I might need to work on these pages/projects. Then my goal for the month is to work on these four ideas. When all four are done, I start over. I have tried this now since the beginning of the year and it works for me. I getting older pages done. Working on current stuff but yet finished unfinished projects.
    My aha moment was when I was trying to find storage for a trip we went on, I just pulled the project out and worked on it and it got done – Imagine that.
    Thanks again for a wonderful episode. Keep scrappin’.

    • Teaching Assistant - Kim Edsen

      Those PL boxes/trays are like gold. In the past I have occasionally used them when wrapping gifts, but make sure to take them back once the gift is received! I’m sure my nephews think I’m a nut, saying ‘That’s a good box!’ 🙂

  2. Jeanne Rice

    Whew! I’m not trying to be unkind, but maybe this podcast was “over thought”!


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