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Natalie Schmidt is curating the stories of her life with The 100 Day Project. In this episode I’ll share a beginner’s perspective and Natalie will offer lessons learned from successfully completing two projects and embarking on her third journey this year. Whether you’re joining in on this 100-day challenge or not, you will take away valuable insights on consistency, accountability, and creative inspiration.

Links Mentioned

Natalie’s Instagram Suggestions

#100daysofnotwaiting (2019) and #100daysofmyopenheart (2017)

#100daysintheshadows raises mental health awareness through his drawings of felines

While I’m also smitten by her current project of pet portraiture (#100daysoflibbydrawspetportraits), I’m certain that so many listeners/readers will also fall in love with her 2018 project of #100daysoflibbylearnsfromthemasters.

#my100daysofcolor showcases her her handmade watercolor paintings with gilding and other adornmen. I’ve never marveled at/been so thrilled/mesmerized by insects before following her 2018 project!

#nerdnest100days 100 days of illustrations (2019) and 100 Days of Project Progress (2018)

words and doodles/drawings

handmade crafty goodness

#100daysofarting (her 2019 hashtag caught my eye being such a boy Mom) and #100daysofplayingwithpaperpaintsphotos (2018)

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  1. Anika

    I enjoyed this discussion of 100 day projects from a scrapbooking perspective. I like how we can use a daily project like this to help us achieve bigger goals, like how Natalie gathers stories daily to scrapbook later. I am finishing my 8th 100 day project, all have been drawing-based. You can see mine at

  2. Cindy D.

    Loved the opportunity to “meet” Natalie. So enthusiastic!! Great tips and guidance for the 100 Day Project & good perspective on documenting overall.


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